Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Etude House Pink Bird Box - Snowy Dessert Collection & Honey Cera 4-in-1 Kit Mini Reviews

Hello!  I'm super excited today to announce that I'm officially part of Etude House's Pink Bird Blogger Program!  ( ^o^ )/  But if you follow me on insta you've already known that. >_<  I've always been a huge fan of Etude House and to be working with them is a huge honor!  Still can't believe I'm a Pink Bird... thank you so much to Etude House for giving me this chance.

For the first box they've sent a few products from their new holiday Snowy Dessert Collection and a travel set of their Honey Cera 4-in-1 Kit as a bonus item. :)

Someone wanted to be in the frame!  Haha.  Hiro is sooo cute!  It comes in a super cute pink box that says "All of you are born as a princess" under the Etude House logo.  At the top and bottom is a cute ribbon bow design with cute little ornaments.

Inside is a pink envelope sealed with an Etude House sticker.

Within the envelope are two posters of their new collections; Snowy Dessert and Honey Cera.

Here are the five items in the box:  Play 101 Pencil in #71 and #73, Ginger Cookie BlusherPudding Tint in PK001 Grapefruit, and Honey Cera 4-in-1 Kit.  It also came with a mini magazine filled with tutorials and general information about makeup and skincare.  It's written in English so I can read it!  Yes! :D

Okay, let's get into the details of the products!

First off are one of their best sellers, Play 101 pencils.  These pencils can be used anyway you'd like, which is super awesome.  You can never go wrong with multi use products. :)  I received two out of the five newly released shades for their Snowy Dessert collection; #71 and #73.  #71 is a light pink with gold shimmers.  I absolutely love this shade for the eyes and highlighting the cupids bow.  #73 is a shimmery champagne color perfect for highlighting and in the inner corners of the eyes.

Product Description:
This is a gel-type pencil that comes with vivid colors and various textures for easy and fun makeup play.

These pencils are super creamy and once they set they're not going anywhere!  They're definitely water and smudge proof.  Not only are they long-lasting, but also super pigmented.  The formula of these pencils is seriously awesome.  :)  Swatches of the products will be near the end. 

Next up is this super adorable Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint!

Oh my gosh!  One of the reason why I love Etude House is the super duper cute packaging!!!  This box is like an actual pastry box!  So cute! :3  

It comes with a small little spoon like tool to help pick up and apply the product.  

As always, I have the gradient lip on the left and full lips on the right. :)  I got to try this product in #PK001 Grapefruit, which is a bright pinky-coral.  It has a semi-matte finish and a nice mousse texture.  After a few hours it leaves a pretty tint of the original color that lasts all day long, even after eating. :)  The color is pretty vibrant but you can easily control the opacity by blending it from the inner parts of your lips to the outer parts.  This color flatters my skin tone very well and brights my complexion overall.  I love this product, but one thing about this formula is not really my to liking.

Product Description:  Soft pudding tint that melts lips with its sweet, soft embrace 

From the description and official lip swatch I thought this pudding lip tint would be glossy and moisturizing on the lips but it clings on to the dry patches on my lips.  You can see a little bit of that on the left side of my lips in the photos above.  It's not cute. ( -_- ) Haha.  If you have dry lips you might want to apply a lip balm afterwards or before you start your makeup and bolt off any leftover oils from the lip balm before you apply the pudding tint.  The lip balm will make the tint last shorter since it's like a "barrier" on the lips but which ever one you prefer. :)

Oh yes!  I almost forgot!  This smells just like grapefruit!  I LOVE it!  Ah...smells sooo good! :D

On to the last makeup product, the Ginger Cookie Blusher.  It's sooo cute!  The box is a super cute pink oven cooking a ginger cookie!  Haha.

Product Description:  
This is a two tone blusher with a warm and sweet baked ginger man that brightly flushes cheeks. 

The background is a soft light peach while the ginger man is a soft orange.  Both shades have a nice sheen to them.  This product is a bit on the sheer side but is very build-able by adding layers.  I am a bit surprised by the longevity of this blusher, it lasted me all day.  

Here is the blusher in action.  I applied the inside color (ginger man) on the lower part of my cheeks (right above where I'll normally contour) and the outside color (background) on the apples of my cheeks.  I also applied Play 101 Pencil in #73 lightly on the high points of my face.  To be honest, I wasn't really excited about this blusher because it looks like a straight up orange and I don't normally wear orange blushes.  On my light skin tone it appears to be a soft orange color which is wearable and super cute but I believe it'll look more flattering on medium/tan skin tones.

Arm swatches of the products.

Last but not least, we have the Honey Cera 4-in-1 Kit.  

The Honey Cera skincare line offers firming and nourishing care to the skin. 

I've only used this set a few times so this will be more of a first impression.  After a few uses I do find this skincare line to be moisturizing.  The toner has a liquidly thick texture and the emulsion and eye serum has a light creamy texture.  The cream is a thicker cream which I love!  I apply a good amount of the face cream and woke up the next morning with very moisturized skin.  The face cream is my face item in this skincare set.  Oh yes, by the way the products has a honey scent! So yummy!  ^o^  I might purchase the full size cream and eye serum. :)

Overall thoughts on Snowy Dessert Collection:
I do like the new Snowy Collection and would recommend it.  I love the play 101 pencils and highly recommend you check out the rest of the color range that Etude house offers.  I do enjoy the pudding tint but I wouldn't repurchase it because there's enough product to last a lifetime.  I normally don't have dry lips so I will be using the pudding tint here and there but if you do have dry lips I wouldn't recommend this product.  I absolutely am in love the the ginger cookie blusher packaging but I don't normally wear orange blushes.  I prefer the contouring ginger maker, as I feel it'll match more skin tones.

All of these products are available on!  Right now Etude House is having an event to celebrate the new upcoming new year 2016! ^o^ )/  Enter "HAPPY2016" at checkout for 20% off site wide!

Thank you for reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR! ^__^