Monday, April 4, 2016

[MEMEBOX] PONY EFFECT Sharping Brow Definer & Contoured Brow Color in Deep Brown Review & Mini Brow Tutorial

Hello everyone! ^__^  If you follow me instagram you'd know that I received the whole Pony Effect Essentials Collection to review for you guys!  Because there is just sooooo much I decided to group them by brows, eyes, and lips.  I thought it would be too all over the place if it was all in one post and I really want to focus on each product.  So, as you can tell from the tittle I'll be reviewing the Sharping Brow Definer and Contouring Brow Color in Deep Brown today! :)

Without further ado, let's get into the review! ^o^  

First off, we have the Sharping Brow Definer in Deep Brown which is a cool toned gray brown.  There are a nice range of shades available to suit any hair color; Bronze, Natural Brown, Deep Brown, Ash Brown, and Crimson.

Pony seriously slayed on the packaging this time!  I absolutely love the rose gold and the matte black together!  I looks expensive!  Haha.  It's really nice is that they included Pony's Tip on how to use the products on the back of the box. :)  

It reads: “If there's one thing I get asked the most about, it's the brows. First draw the frame from the inner brows, arch, and tail and lightly fill in the sparse areas. Once all gaps are filled in, re-apply to your desired level of darkness.”  Create naturally full brows with hair-like strokes. This ultra-skinny 1.5mm pencil allows ultimate precision while the spooley brush gives a natural finish.
(Translation taken from Memebox website)

You can check out her official brow tip video below! ^__^

As you can see it's very similar to the ABH Brow Wiz.  The ABH Brow Wiz retails for $21 while Pony Effect's Sharping Brow Definer sells for $13, which is half the price.  Pony's brow pencil doesn't swear on me and lasts all day unlike the ABH. When I use the brow wiz, the tail of my brow swears later in the day and it only looks like I have half of a brow.  When using Pony's pencil I noticed that you can't really build up the color to become darker.  You also don't need to put a whole lot of pressure when using this brow pencil. :) Both pencils work great but I prefer Pony's Effect brow pencil because it's more affordable and long lasting.

Moving on to the Contoured Brow Color.  The packaging is seriously a 10 out of 10.  It has a matching color label near the bottom of the bottle which is nice because if you have multiple colors you could quickly recognize which color it is.

Oh yes, each brow pencil comes with it's own matching color plus a customizing shade to help those who have dyed their hair lighter achieve lighter brow hairs in seconds.

Again, the packaging is stunning and of course Pony's tips: “Match your brows to your hair without dying them. Simply apply the shade Customizing to conceal the original color of your brows and then go in with the color of your choice!”

Still don't get how it works?  Watch Pony's demo these browcaras in the video below! :)

 The browcara brush is definitely unique.  You'd use the shorter side to brush the hairs in the opposite direction they grow in and then with the longer side, lightly brush from the inner edge towards the tail to brush everything into place.

I mainly use browcaras to darken my brow hairs because after foundation my brows turn grey, it just doesn't look pleasing and I like me some bold brows.  I do like this browcara.  It really does keep all my brow hairs in place and lasts me all day.  It also doesn't make your brow hairs feel hard and doesn't clump the hairs together which is a big plus for me.


Okay, I got a request to do an eyebrow tutorial a few months back and never got the chance to do one and I thought why not demo the products. :)  Firstly, I'll show you guys how to draw in the most natural looking brows by determining where it starts, arches, and ends.

and now for my brow everyday brow tutorial.  Hope you enjoy. :)

I'm glad this turned out okay because my brows look different every day.  Haha.  >_<  I guess that's what I get for plucking too much hair.  Thank goodness they're almost done with vacation!

I always use an eyebrow pencil to draw in my brows because it's fast and easy.  The tip is very tiny and precise that I don't need any clean up at the end. :)  Her pencil is great for people who have sparse brows, such as myself.  Haha.  Highly recommend her Sharping Brow Definers!  I'm in love with them!~  If you've tried products from Pony Effect how do you like them and which ones are your favorites? ^_^

Well, that's all for today.  I hope you found this review helpful and enjoyed the brow tutorial.  I'll be back very soon with the lip tints, shadow sticks and pebble blender! ^o^  The photos are taken but need to be edited and typed up!