Thursday, April 14, 2016

Memebox NEW I'm Gel Lip Tint Review with Swatches & How to get a FREE full size I'm Meme Lipstick!

Hello!  I'm super excited to share something super new that was released earlier today on the Memebox us site! >o<  I received a huge lip vault about a week and a half ago (in which I will talk about later in this post ^_^) and noticed that there was something COMPLETELY NEW!  It wasn't even posted on the Korean site yet!  Memebox's I'm Meme packaging is the same and it's sometimes hard to tell which product is which when there's black letters printed on a dark background.  I thought some of them were lipsticks, lip tints, and lip liquids but nope!  They came out of new lip tints, this time it's a gel tint!  ( ^o^ )/

In this new series of I'm Gel Tint there are five different shades; Cherry Red, Plum Red, Peach Coral, Berry Pink and Mandarin Orange.  These gel lip tints claim to be long lasting and leave a vibrant tint after meals and drinks.  The water gel formula makes it less drying than water tints and more pigmented than other gel tints.  It's also formulated with nourishing blends of mango seed butter, jojoba seed oil, macadamia seed oil, shea butter and avocado oil.  (product description taken from

As always, here is Memebox's chic professional packaging. 

On the front of the box is the amount in the product, which is 5ml.  It is the same amount as their I'm Lip Tint which retails for $14 while these gel tints sell for $7!  A lot more affordable!  

On the top are the matching color labels.

And of course, the cute little white bunny is found on the side of the box!

Just like the liquid lipsticks, it's in a clear square bottle with the product name printed in the front with black letters.  I love the transparent packaging, it's super easy to find the color you want!  

Here is something new!  I don't think I've ever spotted an expiration date on any of their makeup products before.  Good to know but makeup never expires in my book. ;)

I do like the applicator.  It makes it easy to fill in the lips without making a lot of mistakes.  It's flat but on a slight angle and is narrow near the top which has a flat edge instead of a pointy tip.

Cherry Red - Cherry red is a neutral red perfect for any skin tone.  This color is the most pigmented shade out of the three shades I received.  With just one swipe you'll get the red that is pictured above.  Don't be afraid of the bold red color because it can easily blend out to create a soft gradient lip. :)

Peach Coral - I really like this peach coral color!  With one layer of this product it's a super cute natural peachy coral or you can build it up to it's true color, a bright orange with a tint of pink. :)  It's the perfect shade of orange for spring and summer!  Once this tint starts to fade it leaves a nice pinky coral stain on the lips.

Berry Pink - Berry Pink is a cool tone hot pink which is one of my favorite shades to wear when I'm feeling a bold lip.  Colors like these really brigthen up my skin tone and make my teeth appears whiter.  Once the color fades, it leaves a vibrant pink stain on the lips.

Overall:  I really like these gel lip tints!  They're moisturizing, has a glossy finish which makes the lips look super cute and bubbly, doesn't transfer after bloting, long lasting and leaves a nice vibrant tint (expect for peach coral).  The texture of these tints are of course jelly and when applied on the lips it has a slight stickiness to it but it's bearable.  The taste of these lip tints is not pleasant so don't eat it purposely.  Haha.

The price of these gel tints are also very affordable!  They retail for $7 but are on sale for $6.50!  Also keep reading to know how to get a free full size I'm Meme Lipstick!

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As said in the beginning of the post I received a HUGE lippie vault with 30 lip products!  I was like "oh my gah....ksaklfkfjads;" I'm a huge lip junkie so when I saw this, it was Christmas all over again. Memebox reached out to me to create both gradient and full lip swatches for most of the lip products. >_<  Because I was busy taking and editing these lip photos I didn't get the chance to type up my Pony Effect reviews but don't worry because Pony's Favorite Fluid Lip Tints review will be posted up very soon!

Ahh... it's so wired to see my lips on the website..... Haha.
Memebox wanted to create an awesome promotion for lip products, since they're super popular and are their best sellers.  They picked similar colors of different brands and formulas so you could find one that best fits your lips based on your needs. :)

Right now through the 18th of April they'll be giving away a FREE FULL SIZE I'm Meme Lipstick (a $16 value) with the purchase of any 2 or more lip products on this page each day until the 18th!  And yes the new I'm Gel Tints are included in this promotion!  ^o^  Visit their instagram to know which color you'll be receiving on the day you place an order!  It's seriously too good of a promo you can't skip!  The lipsticks are amazing!  Feel free to read my review on them!

I thought I would make a quick mention to the lip product that really stood out to me. >_<

These two lip products are Beauty People's Pure Vitamin Lip Tattoo in Vitamin B Cherry and Vitamin A Tomato.  I totally forgot to read the names of the lip products and already placed them in the order for the swatch images.  I of course saved the Berrisom Lip Packs for last but this totally beats the Berrisom Lip Packs by sooooo much!  I thought the Berrisom Lip Packs were the ultimate lip tints but nope!  HELLOOOOOO Beauty People!

In the middle of taking the lip swatch photos I first used the color Cherry.  It's easy to blend and is very pigmented.  I went on and did the full lip swatch and when it was time to take it off, it wouldn't come off!  I tried using the Berrisom Lip Tint Remover, didn't work.  Tried the Botanic Farm Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet, didn't work.  Tried the Lancome Cleansing Water, didn't work.  Tried a lip scrub, everything!  It did not come off.....
The result of trying to remove the lip tint.  Barely budged.  It smeared all over the lower half of my face all the way to the cheeks.  LOL.  As you can see I tried to continue lip swatching but it just didn't work so I just left it.  The next morning it was still there.  Tried the Berrisom Lip Tint Remover again and got most of it off.  

This lip tattoo is supa powerful!  Even after eating and drinking it did not budge!  It's also moisturizing on the lips.  It's seriously everything you'd want from a lip tint.  If you're looking for something that will stay on all day, that is eat & drink proof, waterproof, smudge proof, anything proof I highly highly recommend checking these lip tattoos from Beauty People!  The product really lives up to it's name!  It's not going anywhere!  This is seriously thee ultimate lip tint!  

I hope you enjoyed this post! >_<
If you're planning to place an order, let me know what lip products you are getting! :)
Thank you so much for reading til the end!  Haha.  Until next time! ^_^