Monday, August 22, 2016

Solone Vivid Fantasy Smoody Pencil + Western Eyes Mini Nobluk Ring Green Circle Lens Review

Hello!  it's time for another Uniqso review! :)  I am so sorry that this post is super late! (>_<)  My computer doesn't sleep when it runs out of battery and so it completely shut down deleting all the photos I had open in photoshop!  I couldn't restore the files because I was stupid enough to empty my trash can with all of the pictures for this post!  Arg!  So mad at myself!  So I retook all of the photos and they actually look a lot better than the other ones that got deleted so I guess everything is alright in the end. :)

For this month, well for the month of July, I ordered another pair of the Western Eyes Mini Nobluk Ring Series in the color Green and Solone Alice Fantasy Adventure Series - Vivid Fantasy Smoody Pencil in the shade #04 Purple.  Without further ado let's get into the reviews! ^o^

Let's start off with Solone Alice Fantasy Adventure Series - Vivid Fantasy Smoody Pencil.  Solone's packaging always has cute illustrations!

On the bottom half of the box packaging, it shows that the pencil has a built in sharpener which is always nice and handy.

There are seven glittery fun vibrant colors available in this eyeliner collection and I got #04 purple.

Once you open up the flap, it shows a mini tutorial on different ways you can wear the liner.

The pencil is thin, has swirly designs and font printed in a purple color that matches the product shade.

image taken without flash in natural lighting
Here is a hand swatch of the liner.  It's pigmented and glides on smoothly.  The color is purple with pink, gold and sliver micro glitters.

Here is the eyeliner on my eyes.  I am so so so glad that this eyeliner swatches just like how it swatches on the hand!  I've tried liners that swatch beautifully on the hand and shows no pigment what so ever on the eyes.  Why does that even happen?  Anyways, I'm glad that this liner is one of those liners! ^__^  As said before they are pigmented, glide on smoothly and are long lasting.  The only down side to this eyeliner is that it's not smudge proof or water proof as it claims to be.  I don't think it's a big problem because when I have eye makeup I don't usually rub my eyes anyways.  Overall this is a nice eyeliner.  I just don't think it's worth the $13.90.  I've tried lots of liners that are a lot cheaper and are super smudge and waterproof.

Next up we have my new favorite lens series Western Eyes Mini Nobulk Ring Green! ^o^  I did a quick tutorial on a simple and beginner friendly smokey warm eye look using the Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Eyeshadow palette.  I hope you enjoy. :)

I seriously fell in love with this Western Eyes brand!  They make your eyes look super gorgeous!  Haha.  They photograph beautifully and look natural in both photos and in person.  These lens are blueish green...deep turquoise with a tint of grey rather than a true green shade.  I'm complaining, the color is still stunning.  I love that the design allows the turquoise color to blend seamlessly into my natural dark brown eyes and the tint of yellow in the center plus darker rim adds a more natural look.

These lens are 14.5mm which is the perfect size of my small eyes.  I'm sad that most of Western Eye's lens are 16mm which is HUGE!  I would look like an alien with them!  The comfort is good, I haven't felt any irritation with these lens on but one thing I do not like about is that it sometimes gives the halo effect.  I don't know why this lens does it when the grey lens (click here to read my review) doesn't.  It's weird.  As said in my other post, I highly recommend these lens if your into natural lens! :)  GUESS WHAT!!!  These lens retail for $19.90 but are on sale for only $14.90 right now!  If you're interested in this lens series get them now!

Selca cut! I wore the lens to a wedding and lots of people were wondering what lens I was wearing.  They're natural but dramatic at the same time, if that makes any since.  I love that you can do any makeup look with them!  I also wore them in a recent selca I posted on my insta. ;) 

Thank you so much for reading!  Stay tuned for more Pony Effect makeup Reviews!  I'm trying my best to post them!  There's just sooo much! >o<

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