Monday, July 18, 2016

[UNIQSO] Most Natural Brown Lens! EOS Milky Beige Circle Lens and Western Eyes Mini Nobluk Ring Grey Review

Hello and welcome to another monthly Uniqso circle lens review! :)  I really enjoy circle lens because they can completely change the whole entire mood of your makeup look!  Even if the lens are the same color as your natural eye color.  Am I right or am I right. :P

For this month I ordered another pair from the EOS Milky series.  I fell in love with the grey lens so much that I thought I'd get it in a different color too.  Just to be safe, I ordered the Milky Brown lens.  I have to say, these are THEE MOST natural brown lens ever!  Not that it's a bad thing!

In the image above, you can see that the design has little dots printed on the outer edge of the lens to give a softer look to the eyes.  You can only really notice it if you're looking at yourself super up close.  I forgot to mention this in my other post on the grey lens, but it's a pet peeve of mine if I could see the pixels of the design.  BUT I'm okay with this one because it's barely noticeable.

Here is a HD selca. :)  I consider this a close shot and you can't even see the pixelated edges.  As said before, you can really see that these lens give a soft look to the eyes.  It sort of gives off an innocent dolly look too.  I'm really liking these lens!  Even more than the grey ones!  The diameter is 14.5mm which the perfect enlargement for my tiny Asian eyes.  Just like the other lens in this series, they're super comfortable to wear and don't give any discomfort.  I've been wearing these almost every time because they're so close to my natural eye color and enlargements them just enough.  Overall, I highly recommend these if you're looking for super natural daily brown lens.


Up next we have Western Eyes Mini Nobluk Ring Grey.  I never take photos of the bottles they come in because it's not really important but oh my gosh!  These are the prettiest circle lens bottles ever! :D

Back to the lens, this lens series come in two different sizes, 16mm and 14.5mm.  I of course got them in 14.5mm because if I do get 16mm I'm going to look like an alien.  This brand, Western Eyes have very pretty lens designs that I would love to try but the diameter is sadly way too large for my eyes. :(

In my last tutorial (hightlighting and contouring), I was wearing these beautiful grey lens!  They photograph soooooo wonderfully! ^o^  These have become my top five favorite grey lens, first place will always belong to GEO Berry Cessy Grey.  Haha.  These lens' design is flawless, the grey color blends nicely into my natural eye color and isn't too light nor too dark.  For some reason every time I wear these lens can I can only last about 6 hours before my eyes feel a bit irritated.  Don't know why but they're not as comfortable as other lens.  Other than the comfort, everything is amazing. :)

And lastly, here is a selca with the lens that was posted a few week ago on my insta.  On my lips is Pony Effect's Stay Fit Matte Lips.  Click here to read my review on those lippies! :)

As always, thank you so much for reading through this post. I hope you found this helpful!  Good Luck! :)

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