Monday, July 6, 2015

MEMEBOX x MakeupByEvon Cream Matte Lipsticks #HDREADY Collection Review + NEW HAIR in Process

Hello!  Today I'll be introducing you guys to Memebox's new collaboration with MakeupbyEvon, who is a self taught makeup artist youtube beauty guru.  I am surprised to see that there are barely any blog posts about this makeup collaboration with Memebox (couldn't find any reviews, I was debating whether to get the MakeupbyEvon skincare & makeup box or the Botanic Farm Box.  I ended up getting the Botanic Farm Box and I'm super happy with it.  I will try to finish that post as soon as possible. ^__^ ).

The whole makeup line consist of two contour palettes for lighter and darker skin tones and three cream matte lipsticks from the Marsala color family.  Evon actually chose to go with Pantone's color of the year, Marsala which is perfect for us ladies who are warm-toned! The ingredients are listed on the website which is super helpful for those who have sensitive skin.  I was sent the three cream matte lipsticks as a gift and thought I would share them with you guys. :)  Thank you so much again Memebox! ( >_< )  Stay tuned for an exclusive discount code!

The packaging of the box sort of reminds me of Anastasia Beverly Hills packaging.
Love how they have the colors peeking through.

I really like how the color on the box is super close to the color of the actual product.
And for the first time in forever, I could read what's on the bottom.  Usually there would be a stamp printed on top, so glad it doesn't have that anymore.

Swatches!  I thought it would be super smooth because of the swatch images on their website.  The formula is not liquidly or messy, there's actually very little product on the brush but it goes a pretty long way.  Really off topic but guess what!  I got tan!  Although it doesn't look like it.  Haha. >_<

Here is a swatch image on different skin tones.  (Photo from memebox)  I love how they swatched it on different skin tones!  I think they look flattering on all skin tones, but look best on warmer skin.

Here is #01 Shy Marsala.  It's a pinky nude color and the lightest shade in the collection.  This color is right a the edge of washing me out.  I like it over my fav nude lipliner.  With it on top it's the perfect pinky nude to my preference.

Here is #02 True Marsala.  There is no other way to describe this color expect "better than my lips color" with a soft brown and a red marsala undertone.  I fell in LOVE with this color once I had it on my lips!  I was never into brown lips until now.  I am loving this over my favorite nude lip liner.  This shade is perfect for those who are no makeup makeup fans, as this color makes a great everyday color.

Here is #03 Darling Marsala, it's a red wine shade which is the ideal shade Pantone had in mind when they named Marsala color of the year.  I LOVE dark lips especially berries and wines.  This color can be worn everyday but for me, I see this as a night, special event or lip point makeup.  These cream liquid lipsticks are matte, it's just that these photos are taken with flash and the light is reflected so it looks super glossy.

Overall:  My first impression was eh :/ because of the unevenness swatches I did on my arm but that was because I used the top of the applicator instead of using the flat side of the doe applicator.  On the lips they go on smoothly and does not make the lips look dry or cakey.  These cream matte lipsticks do not dry out the lips and surprisingly moistures them very well.  They also last super long!  And I mean long.  After eating some chips, it was still there.  After eating noodles and pretty oily foods, true and darling marsala left a really nice tint.  Shy marsala also leaves a tint but barely since it's so light.  I do like to layer these matte lipsticks on top of each other to create more voluminous looking lips.  I highly recommend these cream matte lipsticks, especially if you're warm-toned!  Seriously one of the best matte lip products I've tried.

I think I'm going to have to buy myself another set because I have not been soooo obsessed about matte lips before.  (Matte lips are trendy this year!)  Defiantly buying True Marsala next time.

Guess what!  I'm guessing Memebox collaborated with Nana!  I loved Nana ever since Roommate.  I hope they'll release these items on the US website soon.

After watching a video on the Korean Memebox account, one of my favorite beauty bloggers Lee Su's did a makeup video with Memebox and I knew I wanted to try out items from Nana and Memebox.  I'm really looking forward to the eyeliner and lipsticks. >_<

Here is how True Marsala looks like on me over my favorite nude lip liner.  I love the combo!
I am currently in the process of dying my hair.  I needed a new look, I've been a dark red-ish black brown forever.  I haven't dyed it in over a year so....  My self taught older sister made herself a PERFECT blonde but made me into Ichigo. (-__-)  Now, it's a very nice neutral brown with a hint of ash at the ends.

Well, that's it for today.  Until next time. ^__^