Monday, November 2, 2015

[UNIQSO] Super Simple Ulzzang Makeup Tutorial with GEO Grang Grang Brown

Hello there!  To start off the month of November I created a super simple and basic ulzzang makeup tutorial.  As always, I get my lenses from Uniqso.  For the month of October I chose GEO Grang Grang Bang to review.  I haven't had any "dolly" natural circle lens in a while and always wanted to try out the lens.  Finally, I had the chance to and I loveee them!  I'll finish the review once I go through the makeup look. :)

To start off,

Completed makeup look.

Ah, the Grang Grang Bang Brown lens are my new favorite brown lens.  The color is a bit lighter than my natural brown eyes and the design makes the color blend look seamlessly.  The diameter is only 14.2mm so it doesn't have a lot of an enlarging effect but it is the perfect size for my tiny eyes. :) They do have a larger version of the lens, which is 14.8mm if you like a more effective enlargement.  The lens are comfortable and I can wear them for about eight hours without having my eyes feeling irritated, just like any other GEO lens I've tried.  These lens life span is a full year which makes them even more awesome. :)  I do recommend these lens if you're looking for a natural pair of brown lens.

Latest Products on Uniqso:
Uniqso finally added A LOT of fun and new products to their site!  I am literally celebrating! ( ^o^ )/  As you can see, they're all on sale!  Click here to view the latest products.

Second awesome news is that Uniqso came out with their very own circle lens brand! Yay!  The designs are unique and look very vibrant.  I will be reviewing Nudy Ice Brown later this month and will definitely let you guys know my thoughts on those.  Can't wait to see how they look like on!


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Thank you for reading and see ya in my next post. :)

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