Wednesday, January 20, 2016

[UNIQSO] My Everyday Fresh Faced K-Drama Inspired Makeup Tutorial with GEO Berry Holic Hazel

Hello!  ^__^  I decided to do a tutorial on the makeup I've been wearing almost every time I go out.   The look features flawless skin, slightly arched brows, clear eye lines, contouring, highlighting, and rosy lips.  :)  I know that dried rose lip colors are super popular in Korea right now and I'm totally obsessed with rosy colors!

I was planning to post this tutorial sometime in December but it's already the middle of January!  Aigoo... so there will be two or maybe even more tutorials posted this month. :)  For my monthly Uniqso blogger order, I choose Solone Captivating Dolly Series Magical Mascara($15.90) and GEO Berry Holic Hazel($19.90) to review.  Unfortunately the mascara was a damaged. :(  It was very clumpy, super dry, and the brush was bent in all different directions.

I have already tried a few lenses from the Geo Berry Holic series and I love them!  They're comfortable just like any other GEO lens.  I love the color, design, everything but one thing.  It sometimes doesn't follow my eyes (halo effect), which I do not like.

Without further ado, let's get into this tutorial! ^o^ )/  Hope you enjoy!

Makeup finished!  This super simple makeup takes me about 10 minutes to do, minus the skincare routine.  Haha.  I hope you enjoyed this super short and simple makeup tutorial! :)

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