Sunday, January 31, 2016

Etude House Pink Bird Box - Play 101 Stick Collabortation with Makeup Artist PONY Unboxing/Review

Hello everyone!  I know this is posted on the last day of January! >_<  But better late than never! :)  My computer unexpectedly shut down twice when I was editing these photos so I almost forgot to finish editing them!  Aigoo.  Something is wrong with my mac.

Anyways, for this month's Etude House Pink Bird Boxes they sent one of their newest collection of the Play 101 sticks that is a collaboration of one of my most favorite make up artists, Park Hye Min or also known as PONY.  The Play 101 Stick is one of Etude House's all time best sellers.  You can use these pencils/sticks for eyes, lips, and cheeks!  When they started teasing the images on their Facebook I knew I wanted to have this collection!  Especially the contour duo stick!  Without further ado, let's get into this unboxing/review! :)

Within the box, there are 3 samples of their upgraded moistfull collegen cream, Play 101 Stick Brush, Play 101 Contour Duo, Play 101 Stick in #13, Play 101 Foundation Stick in #02.

As always, there are two info posters of the products inside the pink bird envelope. 

I guess I'll start off with my favorite product first.  I'm not surprised that Pony made a contour stick and sooo glad that she did!  The packaging looks a bit cheap because of the clear plastic caps but whatever, the color of the contouring stick is super awesome!

The contouring shade is a neutral brown but a bit on the warm side.  The highlighting shade is very close to white.  I don't like using this highlight all over my face.  It makes me look greasy/oily.  The texture is extremely creamy and super easy to blend.  But it does transfer so you have to set is with powder.  

Swatches of the products will be posted near the end.  :)

All three of these chubby Play 101 Sticks have the same formula as the contour duo.

I lied, I think this brush is my favorite item in the box.  The Play 101 Stick Brush is seriously an awesome brush!  It's super soft and gives the Play 101 foundation stick high coverage.  I tried my favorite cushion puff to apply the foundation and it was not a good as the stick brush.  Highly recommend getting this brush out of the whole collection.

Swatches of the Play 101 Stick.  The foundation stick #02 is a pink tone ivory.  Play 101 #11 is an orange tone contouring color which is a bit too orange to use as contouring but is good for adding warmth back in the face.  Play 101 stick in #12 is a shimmery pink with gold mirco glitters.  This color is very similar to the play 101 stick in #71 from their snowy dessert collection.  I think Pony is very fond of this color because she also has a similar color in her first eye shadow palette with Memebox.  I do like this color, I use it on my eyes, lips, and cheeks.  The last two swatches are the shades from the contour duo.  As you can see, the highlighting shade is very white and the contouring shade is an ideal contouring color.

Okay, so I thought I would show you how awesome the brush works and the coverage it gives with the Play 101 Foundation Stick. :)

Left: bare face, Center: Foundation application, Right: Foundation finish! :)

As you can see the brush gives the foundation it's maximum coverage.  It covered my red nose and cheeks very well and evened my skin tone.  I like the foundation coverage but after a few hours my face starts to look greasy and oily and it's not cute.  :(  Even when I set it with powder it'll end up looking a bit oily.  I don't think this is a good foundation for my oily/combination skin type. :(

Overall, I do like the idea and products in this collection especially the contour duo and stick brush.  The chubby contouring stick is a bit orange but I will still use it to add warmth to the face.  I love the chubby stick in #13.  It's good for all over the face.  In case you're wondering how to apply it on the lips, I like to apply a bit of #13 at the top of my lips by the cupid's bow to create more depth to the lips.  The foundation is eh for my skin type but still try it out in case it works for you! :)

You can purchase all of these items on the Etude House website! ^__^  Happy shopping and good luck!