Saturday, February 27, 2016

Memebox New Matte I'm Lip Crayons Review with Swatches! & What's New at Memebox

Hello!  A few weeks ago I received Memebox's new matte I'm Lip Crayons (and thank you Lani & Susanna for the extra goodies! <3 ) and if you read my review on their other lip crayons you'd know that I love them!  Ever since Memebox Korea released these beautiful dusty colors on their site I've been waiting forever for them to launch on the Global site!  And they're finally here! :D

As always Memebox labels the top of the boxes with the color of the product so you don't have you guess which color is which. :)

Again, the packaging is the same as the other boxes.

Something that is new, is this super cute little bunny!  It lets you know that the products are not tested on cute innocent animals! :D

The packaging of these lip crayons are different from the previous lip crayons.  They have a nice soft velvet feeling like Nars' packaging.  Me like the new feel.  

On the back are listed the names of the colors and other information.

Also on the back is the expiration date.

Ah.... The colors are sooo pretty!  The tip of the crayons are skinny for an easier application.

Arm swatches of the lovely dusty rosy colors.

CY251 Joy - Joy is one of my favorite colors, okay they're all my favorites/ (-_-)  It's a dusty pink with a tint of grey.

CY252 Lora - Lora is a cute soft toned down coral pink.

CY253 Blair - Bair = THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!  This is the perfect dry rose/dusty coral color.  I am obsessed with colors like this.

CY254 Greta - Greta is (the second love of my life) also a dry rose color but more on the pink side.  I love this color.  It reminds me of my favorite lipstick from Memebox, rosy suede.  I find myself reaching for this color daily.

CY255 Natasha - I've been loving red lips lately!  This cherry red is absolutely gorgeous.  It brightens up my complexion and makes my teeth appear whiter.  The only downside to this particular color is that it settles into the line of my lips big time.  :(

CY256 Vanessa - This cool tone plum is not as dark as I thought it would be but none the less, it's a beautiful color.

These lips crayon have good color payoff, silky soft matte finish, and is formulated with nourishing oils (Jojoba, Baobab, Argan), Shea Butter and Manuka Honey Extract to nourish the lips.  

The color choices are absolutely to die for!  My dream colors finally came true! >_<  Joy and Natasha really settle into the fine lines of my lips which is kind of sad because those are beautiful colors but that's not going to stop me from wearing them! :D  

On the lips they are neither drying nor moisturizing, it's right in the middle.  When I had chapped lips a few weeks back (it was super cold where I live!) I noticed that it clung on to the dry patches of my lips and it just wasn't working out.  Which is part of the reason why this post is now being done.  >_<   Haha.  I recommend applying a heavy layer of lip balm the night before or use a lip scrub to remove the dead skin on the lips.  Other than clinging onto the dry patches of my lips, I love these matte lip crayons.  They're long lasting and have good color payoff.  

I mentioned this in my other Lip Crayon review and I will mention again, that these lip crayons are only 1.8g and in my opinion that's not a lot of product for $9.  I use Greta & Blair almost everyday and it's going down sooooo fast!  BUT thank goodness Memebox is always having sales and discounts available! ^o^  

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What's New at Memebox!
Memebox has brought back some new & improved I'm Meme Puffs!  I love these rubycells puffs they make your foundation look airbrushed all the time!  I have 15 back ups!  Haha.  Highly recommend getting these puffs!  

More Nooni products!  I liked their snowflake cleanser but I guess it's now sold out.  :( Oh my gosh... I have thee most depressing moment ever today!  I opened my Lancome cleansing water (almost a full bottle and I forgot to close it) and left it on my vanity.  While I was putting back my makeup products my hand bumped into the cleansing water and whooshhhhhh!  It spilled all over my vanity!  Aigoo.  $35 wasted just like that! /cry.  So now I'm planning to get Nooni's Cleansing Water which has a lot more product, almost half the price and looks like it works awesome! 

Aigooooooo..... just take all my monayyyy!  Memebox recently came out with TWO not one BUT TWO eyeshadow palettes.  Both of my gorgeous palettes and they retail for $27.90.

Memebox has lots of promotions and sales right now so check out their site for more! :)  I will see you guys soon in my next post!  Happy shopping and good luck! ^__^