Sunday, February 28, 2016

[UNIQSO] GEO Hurricane Hazel Lens Review

Hello everyone! :)  Today I will be doing a very quick and simple circle lens review from Uniqso, as always.  It's been a while since I did a typical lens review. ^_^

For this month, I wanted to order a pair of natural dark brown lens for my sister's wedding (I am going to make a post about her wedding, since I did plan and decorate the whole thing! ◠‿◠  Can't wait to share with you guys the whole process and result!) and so I chose to go with GEO Hurricane Hazel.  

**photo taken with flash**

The diameter of these lens are 14.2mm which is great for my small eyes.  Although the size is small I think the darker brown edges gives the lenses an enlargement of 14.5mm lens.  I love the color and design.  The color is super close to my natural dark brown eyes and the design it not noticeably pixelated up close or further away.  I wore these lens for eight hours plus each time I wore them and didn't feel any discomfort.

I highly recommend getting these lens if you're looking for something natural.  They're great for events, photos and if you want to look like you're not wearing any circle lens. :)

And of course we have a selca! :)  A post about this makeup will be coming up soon.

That's all for today and talk to you guys tomorrow!  I'm seriously on a roll with my posts!  Haha.
Thanks for reading! ^o^ ) / 

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