Monday, February 29, 2016

Etude House Pink Bird Box - Cover Makeup Done by Big Cover Concealer BB + Monkey Wish Eyes Unboxing & Mini Reviews

Hello!  I'm back at it again with an Etude House Pink Bird unboxing!  Haha.  January's theme consists of their newly launched Big Cover line and new shades from their Look At My Eyes Eyeshadows Money Wish Eyes.

Without further ado let's get into the products! ^__^

The Big Cover line includes a BB cream, six cushion concealers, tip concealers, and a concealer kit.  All of these products are to help cover imperfections in more convenient and easier ways.  

In this line I received two products; Big Cover Concealer BB SPF 50 in Vanilla and Big Cover Cushion Concealer in #654 Peach Pink.

When I first saw this, I thought it was super cute.  The packaging is like a huge concealer bottle.  Even the applicator was enlarged!  Haha.  The packaging already made me super excited about this product! :D

Let's see how it performs!

Bare faced with moisturizer and primer

Finished application of Big Cover Concealer BB in Vanilla

I have this in the shade vanilla which is the lightest color out of the three colors and it's a shade or two lighter than my face but matches my chest area perfectly.  

For some reason I had a feeling that this product was going to be a medium-high coverage just by hearing the name.  And I was right!  HAHA.  It does an AMAZING job of covering my redness and totally evened out my skin tone in one layer!  It has great coverage but it didn't cover my dark circles and grey areas around my mouth.  It has a satin finish that gives the skin a nice natural glow.  After wearing this concealer bb for a few times for 8+ hours it has a nice staying power.  It started to rub off around my nose area after 3-4 hours because that's where I get oily the most.  Other than my nose everything else was okay.  I do like this concealer bb, it has great coverage, the applicator makes everything easy and clean to use, and a little goes a long way.  They should come out with a cushion compact version of this! :D

I think I was most excited for this Big Cover Concealer Cushion.  I have this in the color #654 Peach Pink.  This color is great for covering grey/dark areas on the face so I have high expectations for this product!  Salmon concealers is a must for me!

Let's see how it performs!

Left: applying cushion concealer, Right: finished application

The color of this cushion concealer was not as pink/salmon was I thought it would be.  Instead it's a light peach pink.  It doesn't exactly cover my dark circles but it does make them less noticeable.  I also used this around my mouth area and it does lighten it.  I would only use this around my lips because it doesn't satisfy me enough to be used on my dark circles.

It's not a bad concealer, it covers dark areas decently and it's super easy to use.  There's no mess what so ever when using this concealer which is awesome.  

Overall I think the Big Cover line is great.  The products are definitely easy to use and cover up imperfection just as it claims.  If you're looking for something medium to full coverage I highly recommend trying out the concealer bb. 

Next in the box, are these super cute money eyeshadows!  They are part of Etude House's Look At My Eyes collection with a special money face design to celebrate the new year of 2016 which is also the year of the money. :)  Super cuwwweeeeee! :3

I received three of the ten shades available in BE109 Pay Day, PK013 Cheer Up, and GH707 Exam Passed!.

I didn't notice it before but they all have a different design on the top.  So cute!  There's a piggy bank for the color named Pay Day. >o<

Such prettyful colors!  *o*  I am seriously in love with GH707 Exam Passed!.  Sorry for the nasty open cut, it was worse. >_<

I thought exam passed would be a lot more pigmented but none the less it's still a very nice brown with green shimmers.  Pay Bay is a metallic shimmery brown beige color and cheer up is a super cute sheer pink with thick white and gold glitters.  The pigmentation of these eyeshadows are decent and the colors are absolutely stunning!  Especially when using them wet!  They're super soft and creamy.  I can see why Look At My Eyes eyeshadows are so popular. :)

Time for a selca!  All about that glow!  Haha.  In this photo I am wearing the concealer bb in vanilla, cushion concealer in peach pink, exam passed! on the lids and cheer up in the brow bone and inner corners.  Haha.  So almost all of the products expect one. >_< 

You can purchase all of these items on the Etude House website! ^__^  
Thanks for reading and see you in my next Etude House post coming super soon!  Haha.
Happy shopping and good luck!