Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Memebox New & Improved I'm Lip Crayon Review with Detailed Swatches

Hello there!  It's been a while since my last Memebox post, but here I am again. :)  For the month of October I received all 11 of Memebox's new and improved I'm Lip Crayons!  Ahhhhh!  I was screaming and crying out of joy when I saw this parcel.  ( >_< )  I <3 Memebox Team. /cry  One of the best companies I'm a part of.

I have 6 of the 11 old lip crayons and I love them so I don't know how exactly these are going to be better....  Without any further ado, let's get into this review.  Yasssss, I could rhyme!  HAHA.  ( ^∇^)   Sorry, not sorry.  I watch too much unpretty rapstar so every time I rhyme I feel like a rapper.  Hahaha.  Anyways, Hyorin fighting!  <3 Hyorin.

Product description: (taken from memebox.com)
I'm Lip Crayon delivers a natural wash of color that's flattering on the lips. Improved with a slimmer, retractable packaging to allow ease of application, this creamy crayon applies semi-opaque and evenly. Formulated with moisturizing ingredients such as Macadamia Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, and Rose Hip Oil to nourish and protect your lips.

Ooooooooo..... so pretty! ( ^ o ^ ) /

There are 11 different lip colors that lets you chose from a wide variety of color ranges.

As always, Memebox packaging is black and sleek with the matching product color as the top label and the product name printed in black.

They'e so slim and long!  Perfect travel friendly packaging.  Oh yes, I need to talk about the cap.  Make sure you push the cap all the way down because I pushed it half way down and it bounced back and fell off.  So make sure you fully push the cap down.

Comparison time!  The new packaging is a lot slimmer and longer than the old packaging.  The new lip crayons retails for $9 and you get 1.1grams of product while the old ones retailed for $7 and you get 2.4grams of product.  You do pay more for less product which is a down side for me.

Arm swatches! ^__^  So pretty!  The color payoff is good.  You could get away with one layer on the lips but I like to go with 2 layers to get the full color.  Number 7, Carmen is the only one that has less color pigmentation compared to the rest.  I find myself having to layer this color a few times to get it's full color but I do like the fact that it's sheer.  It's also one of my favorite colors. 

01 Giselle - Giselle is a pretty peachy nude perfect for everyday wear.

02 Matilda - Matilda is a beautiful coral orange.  I didn't think I'd like this color but me like!  It looks supa pretty when wearing it as gradient lips.

03 Mary Jane - Mary Jane is another peachy nude, but more on the pink side.  One of my favorite colors.

04 Juliet - Juliet is a super bright cool fuchsia.  <3 Fuchsia is my fav color for fall.

05 Chole - Chole is a gorgeous bright red with a tint of coral.  I can see why this color is so popular!  It's now one of my favorite reds.  It really brightens my complexion and make my teeth appear whiter.

06 Bella - Bella is a beautiful berry color.  This color is great for creating gradient lips with another lip crayon.

07 Carmen - Carmen is a lovely brick red.  I <3 this color.  But I like Pony's Lipstick in Rose Garden more, because of the finish. :)

08 Natalie - Natalie is also a bright red just not as loud as Chole.  Also one of my favorite reds to create gradient lips with another color or by itself.

09 Irine - Irine is ♥♥♥♥♥.  it's a beautiful warm fuchsia that complements my neutral skin tone well and brightens my face overall.

10 Alice - Alice is a very pretty cool tone pink.  I love pairing this with Irine to create a gradient lip.  Those two together makes your lips look like watermelon!

11 Linda - Lastly, Linda is a lovely warm pink peach perfect for every day.  Also one of my favorite colors.

Overall thoughts:
As said before, my thoughts on these lip crayons did not change.  They're very moisturizing, pigmented, creamy, long lasting and have amazing ingredients.  They also leave a tint, which is of course a plus for me because I'm lazy to reapply my makeup though out the day.

The packaging is better than the old ones.  With the chubbier stick it was hard to stay within the lines of my lips.  With the new smaller and round tip, it makes it two times easier to apply.

Of course you do not need all of these beautiful colors, but if you're thinking of getting a few I highly recommend Mary Jane, Chole, Carmen (although it's sheer), and Linda.  These lip crayons do retail for $9 but are on sale for $5 for a limited time.  Alice is available in their new "Intro to Kpop Star Makeup" Box along with six other full size items and a sample size of their new Nooni cleanser.  This box retails for $33.

For those who are international, no worries because Korean beauty sites are now carrying Memebox products on their sites!  You can find them on TesterKorea, W2beauty, and Koreadepart.  Happy shopping! :D


I ordered a few xo memebox products from Memebox last month.  I finally ordered their Time on my Lip collab with RE:CIPE in both colors.  I always wanted to try them out and finally decided to buy them.  I know I'm late with it and will be doing a review on those which will most likely be posted in December.  I also ordered Pony's New and Improved Shine Easy Glam Palette 1.  You know, I always have to buy Pony products!  Pony is seriously my ultimate girl crush.  I will be doing a comparison post with the new and old palette that will be posted soon, just don't know when since I have sooo many drafts right now.

Talking about Pony.  I bet you already know, but she recently (yesterday) launched her own makeup line under Memebox!  Oh my gosh.  Pony and Memebox.  Yaaaaaaaasssssss. Me have to get!

She released a BEAUTIFUL nine pan eyeshadow palette, a contouring palette, three beautiful lipsticks shades, four awesome nail polishes, and a brush set of 4 with a bag.  Hopefully Memebox will launch it on their site soon because I really want it (super badly)!  It is available worldwide shipping via Gmartket but I want to wait and see if Memebox will launch it.  I'm stalking the site everyday just to look at them!  Haha.  I'm crazy obsessed.

I will have another Memebox post on their Intro to Xo Memebox Box posted on Friday. :)  Thank you for reading and until next time!  ^o^