Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Etude House Pink Bird May Box - Dear My Blooming Lips-talk Chiffon, Real Power Cushion and more! Review & Swatches

Oh my gosh... I think this might be my last Etude House Pink Bird post.... /crying.  In May's Pink Bird box, the box features various new products such as the brand new Real Powder CushionDear My Blooming Lips-Talk Chiffon and two new Play 101 Stick shades.

Well, let's get straight into the product reviews, because this is going to be a pretty long post. :)

Oooo... A liquid to powder cushion!  I wanted to try this right away when it launched!  This cushion is suppose to act as a primer, bb cream, concealer, powder pact, and oil control powder.

Surprisingly the box is on the simple and elegant side.  When I think of Etude House, everything is pink and super cute, but this time around I guess they're going for a more simple cute. :)  I like.  Pink and gold, especially rose gold are my favorite colors!

The compact is a lot thinner than regular cushion compacts!  It's like reduced half the size!  I love!  It makes it more travel friendly and easier to carry around!  Also, unlike other regular cushion compacts, this one doesn't have a button you push to open it for you.

I don't know how to explain it but the cushion is a bit different from normal cushion puffs...

Always, there is a seal once you open up the compact.

The cushion is stiffer than regular cushions and you don't have to press down as hard or deep to get product on your puff, which I like.

Let's see how this product performs!

Bare faced with only skincare

Real Powder Cushion applied with no primer

In the photo above I only applied one thin layer and it was already enough coverage!  It is a liquid to powder formula so it does dry pretty quickly.  You might want to focus on blending in small areas rather than tapping the cushion puff randomly all over your face.  You have about 30 seconds to work with the product before it dries and the more you pack on, the more cakey/powdery it will look.  

This cushion has a matte finish which is what I like in summer because I have oily-combination skin.  Although dewy skin is popular in summer I prefer a matte finish because I don't want to wear a dewy foundation plus highlighter and then sweat under the hot beaming sun looking like a hot mess.  Haha.  So I'm all about a matte long wearing foundation when I'm going out.  

It's warm where I live and since it's almost hitting July, the summer heat is coming to it's peek!  The cushion holds about a good 5-6 hours before it starts to wearing off but when I use the Nivea After Shave Balm as a primer it lasts for 8+ hours.  Talking about priming, this cushion formula emphasizes my pores and fine lines!  So you might want to use a pore covering primer or serum before using this cushion.

I wouldn't exactly say that this cushion is a 5-in-1 multi-functional product.  Although it says that it's a primer, I still use a pore covering primer or a different primer before I apply this cushion so it doesn't really make my makeup routine that much faster/easier.  I wouldn't really call it..., okay it does conceal my redness but it doesn't conceal my dark circles.  It's great for covering trouble spots but not on darker areas.  Other than the two things I mentioned above everything else about this product I love!  I forgot to mention that it feels very nice and light on the skin, almost like I have no makeup on my face.  Definitely digging this formula for oily skin!

All in all, I do like this product and will be using this cushion throughout summer.  If you have oily to combination skin I highly recommend checking out the Real Powder Cushion!  I forgot to mention that this cushion comes in three different shades and it retails for $21.60 but is on sale on the Etude House website for only $15.12!  

Next up we have my favorite makeup product, LIPSTICKS!  Yassssssss.  I'm all about lip colors! >o<  Ever since Etude House released teaser images on their facebook I've been eyeing these lipsticks!  All of the colors look so gorgeous!  And the packaging is to die for!

The new Dear My Blooming Lips Talk comes in three different finishes, cream, matte, and chiffon.  Chiffon (in other words semi-matte) is a mixture between the two finishes.  There are a total of 12 lipsticks in chiffon finishes and out of the 12 I received PK027 (Crystal's Pick) and BE109 (Lily's Pick).

Ah, I can never get tried of seeing a brand new lipstick.

Yasss.  The packaging is pink and adorable!  Totally Etude's style!  The packaging is super cute but feels super cheap.  Not gonna lie, it feels like play makeup for little girls.  The price of these lipsticks are $12.40 on the Etude House site but you can usually find it for around $8-$10 on online kbeauty shops with free shipping.  I know it's at a affordable price, so I can't really expect high quality packaging but it feels rrrrrreal cheap, like a dollar toy.  HOWEVER, the formula is flipping AMAZING!  Who cares about the packaging quality if the lipstick itself is amazing!  (I'm just a sucker of packaging, that's all.  Haha.)

Time for lip swatches!

BE109 - Oh my gah, can we talk a little bit about this color!!??  This gorgeous warm brown rose shade will look stunning on every skin tone!  These nudy colors have been my go to summer lip color!  It's perfect for everyday and any occasion!  It's similar to the shade Mocha from MAC.  It's a tab bit lighter than Mocha but when I'm wearing them on my lips the difference is very little.  I would call it a dupe. :)  If you're eyeing Mocha, shop the cheaper alternative!  Plus the formula is on par with Mac lipsticks!

PK027 - I'm loving this vibrant blue toned hot pink!  This color totally shouts out summer!  I would wear this color on a summer night out or if I want to focus my makeup on the lips. :)  To my surprise this color leaves behind a vibrant tint on the lips after a few minutes!  This color brightens my complexion and makes my teeth appear more white and complements my skin tone well.  Forget about how it looks like on my skin!  This shade will look stunning on all skin tones! 

The formula of these lipsticks are amazing!  I can't stress that enough.  Probably one of the best cheaper lipsticks I own.  It's crazy pigmented and one layer is enough to achieve it's full color.  It glides on the lips very smoothly and evenly.  It moisturizes the lips very well for being a semi-matte finish and doesn't enhance fine lines or dry patches on the lips.  These lipsticks also do not feel thick or heavy on the lips, which is always a plus me!  I also like that it leaves a tint on the lips.  There also is not a lot of transferring when wearing these lipsticks!  No bolting necessary and it's long lasting!  After meals it does disappear, but it fades nicely.  I love love love these lipsticks and will be purchasing more!  Highly recommend these lipsticks

Last but not least we have two new shades from their famous Play 101 Pencil line!  If you don't already know what the Play 101 Pencils are, where have you been!  You can use these pencils all over the face; eyes, cheeks and lips!  There are a total of four new shades but I received two of the four pencils; #77 BR418 and #79 OR209.

The packaging is sooo cute!  I can't...On the bottom of the box is a heart pattern that matches the pencil shade.  Didn't even notice that until now!  Love how playful the packaging is.

 #77 BR418 is a golden bronze with shimmers.  While #79 OR209 is a cute peach pink shimmer. 
(swatch image here)

Here I am using #77 on the lids (blended) and as a liner on the top.  This shade is too dark for me to use as a highlighter but I could use it for bronzing up my face for when I want a sun kissed look.

On the lower lash line I am using #79 as a pop up color on my bottom liner.  Instead of liner, I would use this as an eyeshadow and blush color.  I don't know why I choose to use it as bottom liner...  Because this color is on the sheer side I think it'll be great as a blush color and could be used on the center of the lips to make them appear larger or more plumed.

I love these pencils!  The formula of these pencils are pigmented, creamy, glides on like a dream and is water and smudge proof.  Love multi-use products!  You can pop a few of these pencils in your travel bag and you're all set!  If you haven't tried out these Play 101 Pencils, I highly recommend you check them out! :)

Overall I have to say this is my favorite Pink Bird Box by far, but sadly this might by my last Pink Bird box.  The cushion color actually matches my skin color this time and the cushion formula is great!  Definitely my favorite face product out of all face products featured in the pink bird boxes.  The lipsticks are A-MAZING!  You have to try these lipsticks!  The pencils of course is a must try product too, well all of them are!