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[MEMEBOX] Master Hightlight and Contouring with Pony Effect's Contouring Master Palette Review with Swatches & Demo

Hello! :)  I'm back with another exciting Pony Effect review!  Contouring and highlighting is super on trend right now and looks like Korea is on to it too!  Pony recently launched not one but TWO awesome palettes that include everything you need to achieve full faced makeup!  Each palette has a brightener, highlighter, blush color, and contour shade.  The palette I received is called Fabulous and the other is Marvelous.  

Fabulous(left) features a neutral peachy-pink brightener and highlighter shade with a cute pink blush color.  While Marvelous(right) features a warm yellow brightener and highlighter shade with an adorable coral blush.  Both palettes have the same contouring shade called "Behind Story", a milk chocolate brown with green/yellow undertones.  "Behind Story" was also featured in her contouring palette that was released for the holidays in 2015.

I think this contouring master palette is my favorite out of all the products I've tried from her May launch!  Without further ado let's get into the review! ^__^

The packaging slays as always.  On the back is more info about the product, such as the product amount, expiration date, Pony's Tip and many more things that I can't read.  >_<

Product Description: (taken from memebox.com)
Bring out your best assets with Pony Effect Contouring Master Palette. This luxurious powder has a silky soft texture that blends effortlessly to give your skin that soft-focus, photogenic finish."

Translation of Pony's Tip: (taken from memebox.com)
“This soft, blend-able pressed powder is not only great for contouring the face, but can also double as natural eyeshadow.“

I'm totally with this tip!  I love using "Behind Story" to contour my crease area and nose.  I also like to mix "Super Magic" with "Dreamcatcher" to highlight my brow bone and inner corners.
On the side of the box is a short description of what the product is.

Spotted Mr. Bunny again! >o<  Always glad to know that they don't test on innocent animals.

The packaging itself is seriously so gorgeous!  Don't even want to touch it!  Haha.

On the back of the packaging itself is the product amount which is a total of 12g, meaning each pan size is 3g.  It's a nice amount of product.  The price is $32 which is a bit high (in my opinion) but if you break it down.  Each pan is $15 and you're getting four shades so the value of the palette is $60 but you're only paying a little over half the "original" price.  Overall, it's a good value for your money.

Once you open up the palette there is a film to protect the mirror and to keep it from getting dirty.  Once you peel off the film, it revels a nice clean high quality mirror.  Also love how large the mirror is!  Huge plus plus!

Palettes that open 180 degrees is always a plus for me because I can't do my makeup with a palette that doesn't.  Haha, it gets in my way.  Is it just me that thinks this?

Ah!  The colors are soooo pretty! *o*  The textures of these powders are creamy, buttery-soft and blend into the skin very well.  

Swatch time!
*swatches are swatches without primer, photo taken with flash*
Super Magic - A satin light ivory with a pink undertone.  
Dreamcatcher - A shimmery sheer pink champagne.
On my Own - A super cute satin peach pink.
Behind Story - A satin milk chocolate brown with green/yellow undertones.

Also with the palette, Pony Effect includes a mini tutorial on how to use the products!
Check out Pony demo the products live in her official video below!

Time for a self demo! :)

Okay, step numba one.  Let's brighten!  Use a concealer that is a 2-3 shades lighter than your natural skin tone and place that in an upside-down triangle under your eye area.  The concealer I'm using is from Memebox, I'm Meme Moisture Concealer in #01 Ivory.  It's an awesome concealer, I use it for everything and everyday. ;)   Then I like to blend it out with a beauty blender.

Next, let's set the concealer with "Super Magic" from the palette.  My favorite way of using "Super Magic" is to use my damp beauty blender from Real Techniques (I know Memebox released a very similar beauty blender to the Real Techniques one and I've been wanting to get it but I'm waiting for more products to pop up before I make a purchase.  I don't want to place an order and then bam the next day the product I've been waiting for is now available on the site.  Haha.  Is this just me?  Or does anyone else have bad timing with Memebox?) and simply slide or tap the beauty blender into the powder.  And then pressing the beauty blender in patting motions on my under eye area.

And we're done! :)
Here is a before and after brightening.  A huge difference!  Since it's getting hotter I don't usually wear concealer under my eyes when I go out.  On days when I actually go out and not in a room blasting the AC, I only wear "Super Magic" under my eyes and it still does a great job brightening even without concealer under it.  It has a satin finish which gives the skin a bit of glow which is nice because I'm all about glowy skin. :)  It doesn't emphasize my under eyes wrinkles, keeps my concealer from creasing, very long wearing and sweat-proof???  

I was wearing all Pony Effect makeup one day(it was hella hot outside) and throughout the day I played a game of football, basketball and was running and sweating all over the place.  After cooling down my little sister said "How come your makeup doesn't come off when you sweat?"  I wasn't wearing any makeup base primer or anything either!  Pony Effect makeup game going strong!  Haha.  But yes, Memebox/Pony Effect really needs to make a larger and single pan size of "Super Magic"!  I'm seriously in love with this powder and am running out!

Second step, let's contour dis face!!!!!!

To slim down my chubby face we gonna need to contour on the sides.  Starting from the temples all the way towards the chin.

And of course, I need to contour my flat nose.  I like to use a flat brush to draw a line starting from my brows all the way down to the tip of my nose.  After that I use a fluffy brush to blend out the lines.

*Sigh* So embarrassing... Showing my non-contoured face.  Anyways, here is before and after.  Lost like 10 pounds in my face!  I love love love love love love love this contour shade so so so so so so so MUCH!  I can't stress how HARD it is to find a contouring color for fair Asian skin tones!  Everything I've tried in the past is either too orange, red or ashy.  After many many years, I FINALLY found my holy grail contouring product!  Behind Story and Crony (new contouring shade)!  THANK YOU GODDESS PONY!  SARANGEHAE!!!!! 

I absolutely love green undertone browns!  Behind Story looks like a natural shadow and is not too ashy on my skin.  It's a bit on the sheer side but that's okay with me because I'm not too big on contouring as much as I used to be and it makes it mistake proof.  You can never apply too much when using this product!  Behind Story is seriously thee perfect contouring shade for fair to light skin tones!  If you're pale and are going through the same struggle of finding the perfect contouring shade, I highly highly recommend checking out all of Pony Effect's contouring shades!  Oh yes, I was wearing this on the day(story above) I was testing out other Pony Effect makeup and it's seriously long lasting and sweat-ish proof!

 I don't have a before and after the application of the blush "On my Own" because I figured you can look at the pictures above as "before" photos.  The blush is also on the sheer side but is very build-able.  In the photo above I layered on the blusher twice.  I noticed that my blush is always to first to fade when I use this palette.  The lasting power is about 4-5 hours on my oily-combination skin type (but my cheeks are usually dry).  However, her individual blushes are seriously on a differently level!  Review on those to come!  I'll try to post it as soon as possible! :D

Finally time to highlight!  "Dreamcatcher" is very subtle and is a bit build-able.  You can only layer this highlighter twice for it to reaches it's full color.  I'm okay with it because sometimes I just want to have a subtle highlight.  I don't always want to have a highlight that can blind someone. 

I really need to get some studio lights and a backdrop so you don't have to see my messy room in the back.  Haha.  Anyways, I know you're curious what my new eyeballs(lens) are!  They're from Western Eyes and I'm wearing their Mini Nobulk Ring lens in Grey.  You can use the code "yummmiiee" for some $$$ off! ^__^

Here is a full faced selca of a simple glowy makeup look using all shades in the contouring master palette.

Overall Thoughts:
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PALETTE.  I've been reaching for this palette almost every time I do my makeup, especially the brighter and contouring powders!  The highlighter is nice for when I want a subtle glow and the blush is such a cute color that will flatter any skin tone.  When I need to get ready within an x amount of time I'd grab this palette and go.  It's super travel friendly and all you really need is just this one palette since I also use it for eyeshadow.  Highly recommend this palette!

MY PRECIOUS PAOOOOOOO-DA!!!  Look what happened the other day!  While I was doing my makeup, part of it cracked (well, I did drop it once or twice)!  But thank goodness it was just a little. ( >_< )  It's beat up because it receives a lot of love and you can see above that I'm almost hitting pan on the blush and brightener, well all of the shades.  I've been using it almost everyday since I got it in the mail.

Definitely love the colors and will repurchase.  Memebox recently released the individual highlighting, contouring, and blush shades a few weeks back and Behind Story is one of the shading colors!  Yay!  If you don't want the whole palette you can purchase Behind Story by itself for $15.

I hope this review was helpful!  If you've tried any Pony Effect products how do you like them and what are your favorites?  Tell me in the comments below!  Don't be a stranger! :)

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