Thursday, June 30, 2016

[JOLSE] TD Repair Emulsion Serum Review

Hello! ^__^  In the middle of July Jolse was looking for 10 bloggers to review the Teradia Repair Emulsion Serum and I happened to be one of the lucky 10.  Yay! :)  So without further ado, let's get into the mini review!

Features:  (taken from
- Sparkling moisturization and elasticity, filled up within the skin through Teradia's crystallized water.
- Sparkling skin completed by diamond, concentrated serum and soft emulsion, two effects in one!
- Teradia's unique FSD(Fast Surface Diffusion) method allows soft touch and deep sensation, granting sparkling skin that lasts for a long time. Gluthathione, contained within TD repair complex, pulls out the natural clear tone of the skin, while the combination of Teradia's diamond crystallized water provides moisture and nutrition to the skin, keeping the skin comfortable.

Inside the box, there is a little booklet about the brand and the products within the repair series.  In the photo above is information on the ingredients used in the product.

To know that the product hasn't been used yet, there is a sticker seal on the side of the product. 

 Once you remove the cap of the bottle, it revels a pump dispenser.  I love products with pumps because it keeps everything fresh and clean. :)

On the bottom of the packaging is the expiration date which is roughly two years from now.

Here is a little product demo on my hand.  The product has a stiff and has a lotion texture.

Once applied on my face it gives a little bit of moisture but I still like to apply my regular moisturizer afterwards.  It adsorbs into the skin very quickly and leaves it silky smooth.  After using this serum for about a week I noticed my skin tone looking brighter.  I haven't noticed any firming or any anti-aging effects since I'm not that old yet. >_<  It has a somewhat of a strong Hmong medicine scent to it.  Not really a fan of the scent at all.

I don't think a week is long enough to judge a skincare product so I'll keep trying this product and see what happens! :)

If you're looking for an anti-wrinkle, firming and brightening serum, check this one out! :)
It's available on for $63.73 with FREE shipping!

Thank you so much for reading and see you in the next post!