Tuesday, June 14, 2016

[UNIQSO] Ulzzang K-pop Inspired Makeup with GEOLICA Euro Celine Brown + EOS Milky Grey Reviews

Hello!  I'm back with a monthly Uniqso lens review! :)  This month I wanted to try out the Brown lens from GEOLICA Euro Celine (you guys know this is my favorite series) and the newly added EOS Milky Grey.  :)

I created a very simple k-pop ulzzang inspired makeup look using the Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quad in Lively with the GEOLICA Euro Celine Brown lens.  Hope you enjoy this ulzzang makeup!

These lens are 14.2mm which is the perfect size for my small size and one of the reasons why I love them so much!  They only last about three months so they're a bit thinner and more comfortable than yearly lens.  The color is on the vibrant side and covers my dark brown eyes well.  It also blends seamlessly into my natural eye color.  I seriously love this lens series and highly recommend it if you're into natural looking lenses and if you're new to wearing color lenses. :)

Next up we have EOS Milky Grey.  Although the color is called "grey" it's more on the blue side.  I wasn't expecting these lens to be light(vibrant) at all.  Haha.  I was seriously surprised when I first placed them in my eyes.   My eyes looks like a husky's!~ Haha.  I do like these lens, they're 14.5mm but doesn't give much of an enlarging effect which is okay because I'm not really a fan of the enlarging effect.  I've worn these lens about 3 times for about eight hours and didn't feel any discomfort when wearing them.  Surprisingly I do like these lens!  They're different from what I usual eyeballs.  Highly recommend these lens if you're looking for a pair of vibrant blue lens!

Selca cut!  I love pairing these vibrant blue eyeballs with a simple glowy coral makeup look. :)

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I hope you enjoyed this quick circle lens review and util next time! :)