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[MEMEBOX] Non-sticky Matte Liquid Lipsticks! Pony Effect Stay Fit Matte Lips Review with Swatches!

Hello!  I'm super excited about this post! >_<  Around two weeks ago, Memebox sent me all 10 shades of Pony Effect's Stay Fit Matte Lips to review for you guys!  I've been dying to try these matte liquid lipsticks ever since I saw the teaser images and video on the official Pony Effect Facebook page!  I also see that many of you have been looking for reviews on these matte liquid lipsticks!  So, without further ado, let's get into the review! :)

As always, the box has the same gorgeous navy blue and rose gold packaging.  Also on the packaging is Pony's Tip which reads; "“For vivid color payoff, line your lips and fill in. For a more natural look, apply a few dots and quickly blend.”  These liquid lipsticks clam to be a high pigment liquid with a matte finish, long lasting, minimal budging or transfer, and is formulated with Murumuru Seed Butter and Brazil Nut Seed Oil to protect the lips.

On the side is of course a matching color label to the product with their names printed on it.

There is a wide variety of colors within the 10 shades available.  You have a few reds, purples, nudes and pinks.  There's something you everyone. :)

Oh my goodness, the packaging is seriously always slays!  I love the repetitive rose gold caps!  One of the thing I like about the packaging is that is also "locks" when you twist it open and close the cap.  Just like her Favorite Lip Fluids.

The applicator is your normal doe foot applicator with a rounded tip.

Watch Pony Demo her Stay Put Matte Lips!

Ready for arm swatches!?

(photo taken in natural light, without flash) 
Oh my gah, the colors are so pretty! *o*

(photo taken with flash)
Here is a closer look at the colors.  Left to Right: Incredible (blue toned red), Flawless (bright orange red), Exceptional (bright orange), On Point (muted coral pink), Splendid (neon pastel orange), Amazing (neon pink), So Good (muted orchid), Magnificent (marsala), On Fleek (muted brown) and Fantastic (burgundy red).

On Fleek - Let's start off with the more nudy colors because who doesn't like nudes. :)  On me, On Fleek is a dark brown nude.  The name fits the shade so well!  Haha.  I have a feeling that this color will be almost everyone's favorite shade in the collection since the color is very in trend.  This is my very first time seeing a Korean brand release a dark brown lip shade.  Right?

Magnificent - Another top favorite is Magnificent.  It's a marsala color with small tint of bright pink.  If that makes any sense.  I've been wearing this color left and right!  It's become my everyday lip color.  I sometimes like to mix this shade with On Fleek to tone down the pinkness in Magnificent to create more muted version I guess?  I suck a describing colors.  Haha.  You can view what color it makes on my insta selca I posted a few days ago.

So Good - This color is SO GOOD!  Haha.  Again, the names of these lippies are perfect!  Another color that is super on trend.  So Good is actually a pretty wearable purple.  It's not too gray like my other purple matte liquid lipsticks and not too straight up purple.  It's like the perfect mixture between the two colors.  Definitely a color I don't have in my lip collection.  Highly recommend this shade if you're looking for a wearable purple. :)

Amazing - Oh my gahhhh!  This color is hella bright!  You're going to need some sunglasses when you apply this color!  Haha.  Amazing is a very bright neon pink.  I would definitely wear this color on a summer night out or when I'm really feeling a bright lip.  To tone this color down a bit I like to mix it with So Good.  It creates a unique bold pink orchid color, which is one of my favorite colors to wear in fall and winter.

Splendid - Hello summer lippie!  This color totally screams summer.  It's a pastel peachy orange, perfect for when I want a more girly innocent look.  There are many ways I like to wear this color.  One, gradient lips by itself.  Two, full lips and taking a cotton swob to blur out the edges.  Three, doing a gradient lip with another color.  It pairs well with Exceptional.

Exceptional - Another summer perfect lippie.  Exceptional is a bright orange.  I do like orange lips and definitely feel like they're underrated.  Finding a good orange shade is hard and I feel like this one is the perfect orange lippie.  It has a nice peachy pink tint to it that makes it more wearable and flattering than oranges with a yellow/green tint.  If you're into orange lips check out this color!

On Point - This color is seriously on point!  Haha.  I had to.  But seriously tho, this shade is one of my favorites.  It's bold and has the perfect amount of pink, red and coral.  I'm loving this shade for lip point makeup!  It brightens my mood(somehow) and complexion, plus it makes my makeup feel On Point! ^o^  I can see why this shade is one of Pony's pick!

Flawless -  Oh my goodness!  Out of the three red shades... maybe even out of all 10 shades in this collection, Flawless is my favorite!  It's a bright orange red that would look great on almost all skin tones!  It brightens my complexion and compliments it well.  I love love love this shade and it brings all the attention to the lips!  If you're looking for a red orange I highly recommend checking this color out!  Aboustely flawless!  Haha. >o<

Incredible -  Another stunning red shade!  Unlike Flawless, Incredible is a classic blue toned red that would suit all skin tones.  This shade has become one of my favorite matte blue reds. :)  Highly recommend.

Fantastic - Once again, another gorgeous red.  Fantastic appears to be a super dark blood red in the tube but it's sheer!  I am so sad!  It's more of a deep burgundy red.  The color is sooooooo pretty but the formula is off!  It's sheer, applies every uneven and does not layer well at all.  If I put a second layer on top of the first dried layer, the product will move to the edges of my lips leaving the outer edge with a unpleasant dark outline and random dark spots.  This was the reason why I redid my lip swatches because one photo was off, I wanted to redo all of them.  But anyways, I absolutely refused to believe that this shade did not work out.  So, I applied this particular color on my lips many times to figure out the best way to apply it.  The one method that worked for me to get a more even application is to work very fast.  Fill in the bottom lip, let it dry and then start the top lip.  I used this method to achieve the application shown in the photo above.  It's 100 times better than my first lip swatch photo of this color.  The first photo was absolutely horrible.  Haha.  Applying this color does need a lot of practice but the color is beautiful and would be great for ombre lips.

These Stay Fit Matte Lips are what they claim!  They're lightweight, very pigmented, long lasting, transfer proof and are non-drying!  To my surprise, these matte lips don't dry out my lips and are wear comfortably.  Lip products that are not drying on the lips is always a huge plus for me!  Another huge plus is that it doesn't settle into my fine lines like other liquid lipsticks I've tried.  These matte lips lasts me a good 8+ hours and stays in place when drinking.  When eating it does rub off near the center since I'm always licking the inner part of my lips.  Oh my gosh!  I almost forgot thee most important feature of these lippies!  They're not sticky!  Not even a slight stick!  I could smack my lips together all day and no stick! :D

These Stay Fit Matte Lips sell for $18.50 which is pricey but is lower than most high end brands.  And Memebox always has discounts available. :)  Overall these matte lips are great!  There are a decent amount of shades within the collection that offer a nice color range with super simple but cute names.  All but one, performs amazing.  I'm in love with these matte liquid lips!  Mostly likely because they're not sticky, comfortable to wear and non-drying. :)  I already went ahead and purchased back ups of On Fleek and Magnificent!  I should've just purchase all of them when they were bogo free!  Haha.  Highly recommend these matte liquid lipsticks!

You can purchase the Stay Put Matte Lips on on sale for $16.87 plus shipping.

I hope you found this review helpful!  If you've tried Pony's Stay Fit Matte Lips or any Pony Effect how do you like them and what are your favorites?  Tell me in the comments below!  Don't be a stranger! :)

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