Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Laura Geller Beauty Various Products Review with Detailed Swatches & A Chance to get a 20% discount!

Hello!  I am so delighted to share a few products from Laura Geller.  On a Friday, my sister, her boyfriend, and I decided to go to the mall and on my way to the car a FedEx truck drives by and hands me a package.  It was filled with Laura Geller products!  I was only expecting one or two products but they GENEROUSLY sent me sooo many that it just made me want to cry.  Thank you Laura Geller PR Team <3.

Without further ado, let's get into the products.

The first thing that caught my eyes were these super popular Baked Balance-N-Brigthen Color Correcting Foundation.  The box packaging is soo cute and girly.  I love the little lip logo on all of the products.

From the tittle of this product, I'm guessing it's not going to be a full coverage powder foundation as it says color correcting.

Product Description of Balance-N-Brigthen Color Correcting Foundation: (taken from
Product retails for $33
Balance-n-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation is a unique Baked powder that can be used on its own or combined with your favorite base for a flawless finish. This newly formulated foundation is mineral oil and paraben free. It is also loaded with the age-fighting, anti-oxidant protection of Centella Asiatica and White Tea. Designed with swirls of soft tan and cream, its luxuriously smooth and silky texture helps offset ruddiness, brightens sallow tones, and balances most complexions.

I have the Balance-N-Brighten CC Foundation in two different shades, medium and deep.  Medium is a bit too cool for my neutral skin tone but I can still made it work.  Deep has a warm toned yellow base.  My skin is too light for Deep so I like to use it as bronzer and it works perfectly.  It adds a nice warmth to my pale face.  

This is my first time trying a powder foundation and I had a hard time trying to find the best way to apply this foundation.  I noticed that you don't need a lot of product to cover your face and it gets cakey fast if you use too much.

On the left side is my bare natural face (runs and hides) and on the right is one layer of the balance n brigthen cc foundation with face primer only.  I did not apply any makeup base before the application of the foundation in the photo above.  The coverage is light and can be build-able to medium.  It has a matte finish which is great for the summer time.  The best thing about this foundation is that it feels like you're not wearing any makeup!  It's super lightweight which makes it also good for summer because no one likes to wear a heavy liquid foundation in the summer.

You can wear this foundation by itself or with a makeup base.  I prefer wearing this powder foundation over my makeup base and conceal my dark circles when going out.  It does a decent job concealing my redness and evening out my skin tone but I like to fully cover my redness with a green makeup base.

Overall Balance-N-Brighten Color Correction Foundation thoughts:  
I can definitely see why this is one of the best sellers.  The coverage is awesome for those who are looking for a "this is my natural skin" look.  This hides just enough imperfections to make people believe that you're not wearing anything.  Even my mom who has the sharpest eyes ever, couldn't tell I was wearing something on my face.  Haha.  I seriously love how lightweight this foundation feels.  It'll make a perfect gift for Moms or middle aged women who are all about looking natural.  Oh yes, it also doesn't take long to put on so it's good for those who are on the go.  I didn't think I'll like this foundation as much as I do. >_<

Secondly, I received two individual full size eyeshadows of the Baked Color Intense Shadow.  I can not find these individual products anywhere on the site, but I did find them on the qvc website.  I don't know if it's only exclusive to the qvc website or not but they only have the combo frost and blueberry at the moment, which is the most popular duo.

I never tried baked eyeshadows before, but I do have a few baked blushes!  Oh my gosh, so the other day I went to swatch a few Laura Geller baked blushes at Ulta and oh my gosh!  They're soo asfgjk;j;adksf lovely and pretty!!! ( >o< )  Anyways, let's get back to the baked eyeshadows.

Product Description of Baked Color Intense Shadow Duo: (taken from
Shadows that smudge, fade or crease are now a thing of the past! The latest addition to our beloved Baked line features high impact, colored pigments in a silky, creamy texture that lasts—so your eye make-up looks freshly applied, all day long. Enriched with Jojoba Oil to re-texturize and soothe delicate eyelids, these shades—like all of our Baked eyeshadows—begin as liquid pigments that are baked and hand-finished in Italy. Vitamin E conditions and Centella Asiatica and White Tea Extract provide antioxidant protection.

OooOoOoOooo.... so pretty! ( ^o^ )/

The two eyeshadow colors I was gifted are Fig (left) and Frosting (right).  Plums and sparkly shimmer beige eyeshadows are super popular colors during the fall and winter seasons.  I find that when brands release their holiday sets/palettes, there is always a shimmery or glittery beige/irovy and a plum shadow.  

Hand swatches (because my arms are currently stained with lip crayon swatches, haha) taken with flash photography and is 1000% unedited so you can see its true gorgeous color.  For these baked eyeshadows, you can use them dry or wet they look beautiful both ways.  I personally like to wear them wet because they're soooo beautiful wet and they last longer on my lids.  I am a bit sad that Fig is not as pigmented as I expected it to be but it's still a very beautiful color and build-able.  When Fig is wet its warm red undertone shows more.  Frosting is a shimmery beige with a pearly finish but when it's wet it looks more lustre.

Overall Eyeshadow thoughts:  
I like these eyeshadows.  The colors choices are absolutely beautiful, have a creamy texture, blend easily, build-able, and they are made with amazing ingredients!  I was totally sold on these eyeshadows when I saw this video.  These shadows have primer ingredients so you don't need to wear a separate eye primer when wearing these.  Although I don't wear eyeshadow primer this is pretty cool, this is the first eyeshadow I know that has a "built in primer".  They also have an ingredient that makes these eyeshadow anti-aging.  Long lasting is the only claim I do not agree with.  Unless I use it wet it will fade within the next two hours.  Wetting it makes it last a lot longer on my lids.  Other than the longevity these shadows are great.

Next up, we have the I-Care Waterproof Eyeliner!  I received this in the color ocean, a beautiful dark turquoise blue.  Believe it or not, this is only my second colored eyeliner that is not black, brown, beige, or glittery wearable colors.  Blue colored eyeliner is very popular because it is wearable and it makes a nice pop up color.

At the opposite end of the eyeliner is a smudger and when you lift that part off there's a hidden sharpener!  Yasss.  This is one of the best parts.  This type of eyeliner where there's a hidden sharpener isn't common in the United States, but in Korean beauty there are a lot!  Almost all of my Korean brand eyeliners have their own sharpener. ;)

Product Description of I-Care Waterproof Eyeliner: (taken from
Product retails for $20
Soft, smooth, and super long-wearing, this water-resistant formula virtually floats into place. Whether you opt for a fine line, or a lush, smoky eye look, you'll have expertly lined lids that last!  This unique liner is called I-Care because its treatment-like formula contains beneficial and nourishing ingredients perfect for the delicate eye area. Mineral oil-and preservative-free, I-Care is ophthalmologist-tested and specifically formulated for use around the eyes, even for those who wear contact lenses and have sensitive eyes. The highly smudge-proof formula helps to perfectly line the inner eyelid. A soft, flexible smudger is attached to the opposite end. Pull the smudger off, and you'll find a handy little sharpener tucked inside. Unlike most eye pencils, I-Care Eyeliner has a retractable point.

Selca cut!  I lined my bottom lash line with the eyeliner in ocean, although I did a super sloppy job.  But hey, I'm not a makeup artist, just a regular girl who is obsessed with it. ( >_< )  And yes!  I changed my hair color!  Went to the dark side, but only for 2-3 weeks, it's demi-parenment.  I want to keep my light hair and just play with demi colors.  Ya know?  Life's too short for just one hair color. :)  There will be swatches of the eyeliner it self at the end of the post. :)

Overall Eyeliner thoughts:   
I was seriously surprised at how pigmented and creamy it is for an eyeliner in pencil form.  It glides super smoothly on the lids and does not lose it's intensity.  If you'd like to smudge out the eyeliner do it right when you apply it because once it sets it's not going anywhere!  Once it dries, it's waterproof, smudge proof, and it lasts all day.  I am in love with the formula of these liners!  They have a HUGE color selection in this eyeliner collection so go look at the colors and check them out!  Highly recommend these eyeliners if you have oily lids and are looking for eyeliners that will last you all day!

Last but not least, the Iconic Baked Sculpting Lipsticks!(*^ワ^*) There are 12 gorgeous colors in Laura Geller's newest lipstick collection.  Out of the 12 shades, I was gifted Broadway Plum, Mulberry Street, and Greenwich St. Berry which are colors perfect for the fall and winter.  You guys, I have a serious condition.  It's called lippie-rhea.  It's when you already have so many lip products but want more and more and MORREEE!!!!  And the main excuse when getting more is "but I don't have a color like this".  Haha.  *sigh*  I love lip products, especially lipsticks. >_<

When I first picked up these lipsticks, the first thing that came across my mind was how heavy it was.  I'm guessing the weight is due to the magnets inside the packaging.  I actually like this touch.  It ensures that the cap won't fall off and make a piece of abstract art in your purse or makeup bag. ;)  Haha.  The packaging overall is amazing high quality.  Love the simple black and sleekness. <3

Product Description of Iconic Baked Sculpting Lipstick: (taken from
Product retail for $21
Artisan-baked pigments and rich moisturizers saturate lips with creamy, vibrant color that feels weightless and lasts all day. A curved bullet shape allows for a single-swipe application providing long-lasting, high impact wear.

This is my first time seeing a lipstick have texture all over the sides of the actual lipstick instead of a simple engravement of the brand's logo or name.  On the sides of these lipsticks is a repeated pattern of a rhombus shape.  I wasn't too sure if I'd like the curved bullet shape of the lipstick tip but it does make applying the lipstick easier than other shapes.  The curve hugs the curve of my lips perfectly, I was kind of surprised.  As I started to use more of the lipstick the curve started to disappear and became a normal diagonal shape.

Ready for lip swatches? ^__^

Broadway Plum - As always, dark lip colors like a deep plum is a must for fall.  Broadway Plum is a warm tone redd-ish plum color.  The color that appears on my arm and lip is lighter than what the color is on the actual solid lipstick, but that's okay because the color is still a very beautiful shade. :)

Greenwich St. Berry - Bright?  Berry?  Pink?  YASSS, sign me up! (●´∀`●)  Greenwich St. Berry is a bright berry pink perfect for all seasons.  This color is my favorite out of the three lipsticks I received.  I also love bright berry colors in general.  Colors like these really brigthen up my complexion.

Mulberry Street - I don't think there are a lot of colors out there like Mulberry Street, a beautiful berry mauve.  Wearing it as a gradient lip it looks like any other color, but when worn all over the lips the color is a perfect mix between a mauve and berry.  This color is perfect for those who are too afraid to wear a legit deep berry/red lip outside of the house. *cough cough* Me. >_<

Overall Lipstick thoughts:
The color pigmentation is good but not as pigmented as I thought it would be.  The formula is not drying at all, it's super moisturizing.  If you have dry lips, you have to try these lipsticks.  It applies smoothly and has a slight sheen finish.  

I notice it starts to fade roughly after five hours with a slight tint left on the lips of the actual color.  I would say that it's not long lasting because I've tried other long lasting lipsticks that lasts all day.  When eating I think the lipstick holds pretty well.  After eating oily foods such as udon noodles, dumplings, shumai, and fish fry the lipstick was still there.  BUT after two and a half hours of non-stop eating at an all you eat restaurant the lipstick completely disappeared.  Haha.  The longevity probably is not that long because of all of the moisturizing oils that is formulated in it.  I would recommend these lipsticks to those who are looking for an amazing moisturizing and light-weight lipstick.

I'm jealous of people who have long arms.  That means they have more room to swatch makeup.  Haha, but seriously.  Especially when you're picking a lipstick at the store yeah, that's when having long arms come in handy.  >_< Anyways, here is an arm swatch of all of the products mentioned above.

Selca before I dyed my hair!  Wearing both BNB CC Foundation in medium and deep, frosting and fig.  Fig really does look nice on hazel/green/brown eyes.

Final thoughts on the brand:
Me LIKE!  Laura Geller has crazy amazing ingredients in her baked products.  I've become a bit Laura Geller obsessed.  >_< The items are a bit pricey if you're a budget person but no worries!  Laura Geller has A LOT of amazing gift sets this holiday season!

Here are a few out of the many, many, many holiday sets.  They all have a good value for such a cheap price!  You can find these online on their website, or both in stores and online at Ulta and Nordstrom.  Also, if you subscribe to Laura Geller's email newsletter you'll get a 20% coupon off your next order! :)  Who doesn't like discounts!? ^__^

Ah, I love the holiday season.  I'm planning to get my mom the balanced-n-brigthen foundation because it's just so her.  She's sooo picky when it comes to face makeup because she "could" tell.  Haha.  Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this Laura Geller post. :)