Friday, October 28, 2016

[BARKBOX] October Box for Large Dogs Review + FREE BOX Coupon Code!

I know this is completely different from what I usually post, but doggie lovers & parents out there needs to know how awesome this dog subscription box is! ^o^

Since the month of August, I've been subscribed to BarkBox; a dog subscription box.  Each month you'll receive four to five awesome products for your doggie!  The items ranges from toys, bones, treats and more.

Price: $29 monthly and gets more affordable if you get a longer subscription. ^__^

The BarkBox comes in a normal brown box with BarkBox printed on the side.  Sometimes they'll be super cute illustrations around the box.  

One of the things I look forward to BarkBox is the design of the paper. ( >o< ) This month's theme is a halloween theme and the paper features a violet background with white doggy cartoons in costumes.

Oh my goodness!  There's soo many items in this box! *o*

Each box comes with an info card to explain the month's theme.

 Thinkers Single 8" Salmon Stick ($3): Bear loves the stick treats that comes in these boxes!  In the September box he killed the Woof Stix within seconds!  I was surprised because he never finishes his treat sticks that fast before.

 Pork and Sweet Potato Jerky Treats ($8): These treats are all natural; made with real American pork, no chemical preservatives and gluten free.  BarkBox's treats are always made in the USA so you don't have to worry about any iffy ingredients. :)

How I got him to sit still for the photos! Haha.  Bear Bear really loves these jerky treats.

 Bacon Treats ($8):  Once again, these are made in the UDS with USDA-certified human quality bacon.  I guess you could say Bear likes all treats as long as it's edible, he likes it.  Haha.  

 Bite of the Living Dead Plush ($12):  This is the most unique toy ever!  It looks so creepy!  It has a squeaker in the body, a fluffy tail and stuffed with cotton.  Bear Bear LOVES this toy!  Every month when a new BarkBox arrives he'll carry his favorite toy with him everywhere.  So far this is the only toy that beat the carrot from the first box!  I would of never thought my doggie would love this toy!  Haha.

Kayla's Cauldron ($14):  Another toy Bear Bear loves.  He also carried this toy everywhere until my sister's dogs (German Shepard and Shiba Inu) came over and destroyed it. Haha. Bear Bear rarely rips his toys and was so sad when he found out it didn't squeak anymore! Aww.

Overall Thoughts:  I swear the boxes are getting better and better each month!  The value is a little over the retail price of the price you pay for and in my opinion, totally worth it.  I highly recommend BarkBox as they have amazing customer service and benefits.  For instance, if your dog is not satisfied with the toys in the month's box they'll send a free toy to replace it.  Also if your dog is a destroyer, and destroys one of BarkBox's toys, post a photo on social media and you'll earn credits to a free toy. :)  You can also repurchase your dog's favorite items on their barkshop

If you'd like to sign up for BarkBox sign up here.  You can also use my link to get a FREE BarkBox to ANY subscription plan! ^o^

In the September box Bear Bear wasn't too much of a fan of neither toys in the box, so they sent over an amazing toy that he adores!  He's a huge fan of rope toys and carries it with him at all times!  So cute!  And it's the perfect toy for fall. ^o^

Thank you so much for reading and see ya in my next post! :)