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[MEMEBOX] PONY EFFECT New Intense Eye Tints Review with Swatches

Hello there! ^o^ Pony has been releasing product non-stop to the point where it's insane!  But I LOVE IT!!!  Keep it coming!  Haha. Today I'll be reviewing Pony's new intense eye tints.  I've always loved pigments but not the mess that comes along with it.  These new Intense Eye Tints don't actually tint your eyes (that would be dangerous!) the name goes more towards the longevity of the product.  They're suppose to have the longevity of lip tints.

I've have a tried only two liquid eyeshadows so I'm not used to the formulation liquid eyeshadows and had to have a few weeks of practice with them before posting my final thoughts so thank you for being patient.  Without further ado, let's get into the review :)

As usual, the top of the boxes are corresponding color labels that matches the product shade with the names printed in Korean and English. On the side of box it lists what it claims to be; liquid type shadow, highly pigmented, and crease-proof.

 Mr. Bunny is spotted once again to let us know that Pony Effect does not test on innocent animals. :)

I absolutely adore Pony's packaging.  It has a rose gold twist off cap and a clear tube so you can see the product's true color.  Very similar to her Stay Put Matte Lips.

 On the bottoms of the tubes are gold labels with the product name printed in both English and Korea.

 The applicator is the most unique one yet.  It has a deep curve, giving it a scoop like effect.  This doe foot applicator's shape allows precision and control when applying the product.

Pony's Tip:
"This liquid shadow is super pigmented, so I suggest applying to the back of your hand first!”

How to use:
Using the doe foot applicator, dispense some shadow on the back of your hand. Using your finger or a dense synthetic brush, apply the shadow and blend.

I couldn't contain my excitement anymore and didn't even bother searching up Pony's tip. I directly applied the eye tints on the lids with the applicator. By applying it directly on the lids, I noticed it would crease a lot and there would be too much product.  If you apply an amount of product to your hand and use your finger to blend and slowly build the color it lasts soo much longer and creases less.

*photo taken in natural light without flash*
Oh my gahhhh. The colors are so gorgeous!( >o< )/

*photo taken with flash in natural light*
From left to right: Fix You, Over You, No Surprise, Lucky Charm, Counting Stars

**eye swatches are taken with flash and are applied directly on the eye without primer**

Starting with the lightest shade, Counting Stars.  It's a light cool toned pink with white glitters and has a metallic shimmery finish.  Counting stars is the sheerest shade from the collection and from reading other reviews, it seems it doesn't show up on darker skin tones.  On me (I'm pretty pale) it appears as a light wash of pink shimmer on my lids.  This shade will also be great as an inner corner highlight.

This shade is very similar to Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam 1 in Shine Rosegold.  I like to wear these two shades together, counting stars as a base and apply shine rosegold on top to "set."  Love this combo all over the lids for days when I feel like doing light makeup.

My second favorite shade in this collection!  Fix You is a metallic champagne-ish taupe color.  I didn't care too much for this shade until I applied it on my eyes!  I absolutely love the effect it gives!  It creates a wet kind of look; like a glossy wet rain effect.  If that makes any sense... Anyways, I love love love this shade and recommend it if you're thinking about getting a few eye tints from Pony Effect. ;)

It's officially autumn and it's not completed without a nice golden eyeshadow. :)  Lucky Charm is a warm gorgeous gold tone with a metallic finish.  You can apply it with a light wash of color or build it up to get the color in the tube. :)  I love mixing this shade with Fix You to create a neutral metallic champagne color and applying it all over the lid.  I've been wearing the two as my go to eye look for the past few days.

I also found this shade to be very similar to Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam 1 palette in shine gold.

Moving on to the darkest shade, No Surprise.  It's a deep burgundy with a tint of rose gold and has a metallic finish.  This shade is super pigmented and you only need a very very tiny dot to cover the lid area with a decent wash of color.  If you're going for the color in the tube, just directly apply it the lids to get the effect I have in the photo above. :) Haha. It looks amazing all over the lids and it's perfect for deepening the crease.

I noticed that Over You is the exact color of Rose Dress from Pony's stay fit matte eye sticks.  I was looking at the eye swatch photos on Memebox's website and saw that the shade Vixen looks exactly like No Surprise!  I swatched the two next to each other and oh my gosh!  They're identical, no joke! Same color tone, same finish, same everything!  Except one is a stick form and the other is liquid.  Which one do I prefer?  Keep reading to find out.

Saving the best for last! ^o^  When these eye tints were first released by Pony Effect Korea, Over You was the number one shade I had to have!  Over You is a dusty cool mauve rose color with a matte finish.  Being my most favorite shade, I swatched it first and the color reminded me of her Stay Put Eye Stick in Rose Dress.  It's seriously the same color but because of the formula, it dries a shade darker. But then again, you only need very little to cover the whole eye lid plus it sheers out while blending.  I'd say this one has the best formula out of all the shades in this collection.  Highly recommend getting this shade if you're interested in trying out these eye tints. :)

Overall Thoughts:
I am soooo glad I took the time to really experiment with these liquid eye tints! ( >o< ) The pigmentation is extremely pigmented with one swipe but once you blend it out, it loses a bit of color.  However, the formula is build-able! :) Every time I wore these eye tints they would last me a good six hours before it starts creasing and fading. These eye tints claim to be smudge proof but I am super sad to say that that's not the case for me... I rubbed my eye and my eyeshadow disappeared!  I don't consider my lids oily because they're usually pretty good with long wearing products but I guess something just doesn't click with me and these eye tints. 

I've tried almost every makeup product by Pony Effect and her collabs with Memebox and noticed she releases repetitive colors for almost every eye products she came out with so far.  I can't blame her because if I had a makeup line I would do the same thing; plus I love her color choices.  I really love Pony Effect products and am disappointed to say that I'm not too big about these Intense Eye Tints.  I would rather recommend getting the Shine Easy Glam Palette 1 or her Stay Put Eye Sticks (they stay on forever! Go read my review).  However, if you want to try out these intense eye tints I highly recommend getting Fix You and Over You. ^__^

I hope this review was helpful!  If you've tried any Pony Effect products how do you like them and what are your favorites?  Tell me in the comments below!  Don't be a stranger! :)

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