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PONY EFFECT Customizing Lip Palette Review with Detailed Swatches

Hello!  I'm super excited to be able to get my hands on the amazing Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette from Memebox. ^o^ Her lip products are always a huge hit and so I do expect a lot from the brand.  Although I love her products, I was a bit iffy about this lip palette because these lip pan formulas are usually shear and has a lip balm kind of texture. However, this Customizing Lip Palette is seriously on a different level!  It puts all the other customizing lip palettes to shame!  Haha, without further ado, let's get into the review. :)

As always, the box has a navy blue background with Pony Effect printed in the center with a rose gold foil.

On the side of the box always lists what the product claims.  The Customizing Lip Palette claims to be highly bendable and create unlimited color variations perfect for everyday.

Instead of an annoying clear plastic sheet, it lists the color names on the back of the box and the palette itself which is always nice.

I spy Mr. Bunny!  Memebox and Pony Effect does not test on little innocent animals. :)

Oh my gah!!! I DIE!  HOW IS IT SOOOOO PRETTY! ( *o* )/  The whole palette has a reflective rose gold effect!

On the front opening is the signature lighting bolt.  The palette also has a magnetic closure.

Look at how gorgeous it is!  The only minor thing that I'd care about is that it collects fingerprints like crazy.

The palette does open 180 degrees which is always a plus for me.

Also within the box, you'll receive a little piece of paper informing you about all the possible color mixing options incase you're not used to color mixing.

I love that this chart shows you a ratio of what shades to use to create the color.

Revel of the palette! ^o^  So pretty and clean!  Haha.  Just a heads up it can get messy...

The palette is pretty big to hold with one hand so to make it easier, they made a little square cut out that you could pop your thumb through.  The idea is similar to an artist palette for paint.  It's my first time seeing a customizing lip palette like this, so the whole concept and everything is very unique and cool.

The palette includes a dual brush, one the left is a flexible spatula to scrape out the colors as well as mixing them.  On the right side is a dense lip brush.  All in all, this brush is very handy and high quality.

On the top part of the palette is a high quality mirror and on the bottom is a lower quality mirror that is used for mixing the colors.  The top colors are meant to be mixed in with the base (bottom) shades to change the color's tone and value (how light or hard it is).

Swatch image is taken in indoor lighting with flash.  All shades are layered twice.

Angelic: Probably my worst lip swatch ever.  The color applies patchy by itself but it doesn't change the consistency of the base shades which is good!  You'd use this shade to lighten a color.

Sexy:  Every lip is always sexier if the color is darker.  Haha, as the name suggests, you'd use this shade to darken or deepen a color.

Sensual:  Sensual is a dark magenta, you could certainly wear this shade by itself.  It has the same pigmentation as the base shades.  You'd use this shade to tone down/mute a color.

Cool:  As the name suggest, Cool is a cool tone green-ish blue.  You'd use this shade to add a tint of blue to make a color cool toned.  It'll be very cool to wear this shade by itself but it's not the right shade of blue!  BUT I'll show you how to get a better blue in a bit! ;)

Vibrant:  Vibrant is a bright yellow, you'd use this shade to add warmth to a color.

These five top shades are not as pigmented as I thought they were going to be (because I swatched the bottom row first) but that's fine because they're supposed to be mixed with the bottom shades anyways.  I guess it's better that they're less pigmented because black, blue and purple are strong colors and you only need very little to darken a color.  With it being less pigmented there will be less room for making your customized shade too dark, which is good so you don't end up wasting too much product trying to achieve the color you want.

Swatch image is taken in indoor lighting with flash.  All shades are layered once.

Glamorous:  A bright neutral red.

Dazzling:  A cool toned raspberry color.

Charming:  A cool toned vibrant pink.

Bubbly:  A peachy coral.

Fascinating:  A basic peachy brown nude.

Oh my gosh!  These base shades are sooooo pigmented!  I was worried about running out of product quickly with this palette, since each shade is about 1.1 grams each.  Guess I was worrying for nothing!  A little goes a long way with these lip pans.  You can wear these shades by themselves or customize them. :)

Customized Lip Colors

Of course, white and black mixed together creates a grey color.  It's a trendy shade for instagram makeup.  A good tip to make an "instagram" lip color would be to mix both black and white with a base shade to give it a grey tint.

Blue lips!  I've always wanted a blue lipstick but I know I've never going to wear it out of the house!  Haha. Sexy mixed with Cool creates a deep blue lip, perfect for that insta perfect selfie.

Finally getting into the more wearable colors.  I'd totally wear this color out now that it's autumn.  Dazzling + Sexy + Charming (I only added Angelic because I added too much black) creates a nice toned down purple.  It's very similar to Colourpop's Master Plan but with a different finish.

Oh my goodness! One of my favorite shades I came up with! Glamorous + Sensual + Sexy creates a perfect deep rose fall color!  So glad I wrote down the combo.  Haha.

 You don't always have to mix totally different colors.  I love the shade Dazzling but wanted make it more warm toned so I add Vibrant and the make the shade a tiny bit lighter, I add Angelic.  This combo created a nice warm pink that fits all seasons. :)

I'm feeling very fall right now so, I created a lot of warm oranges and rose shades.  Haha.  I don't have a peachy nude so I decided to create my own!  To get the peachy nude above I used Fascinating as my base and add a tiny bit of Vibrant and a decent amount of Angelic.

OMO OMO, my top favorite customized shade!  This year I am loving terracotta / brunt oranges / peachy shades for autumn!  Okay, here comes a color lesson.  I knew I wanted an orange brown base and the closet shade of orange would be Bubbly, so to darken a color you're not "suppose" to use black because there really is no "black" in the color world (I could be wrong, maybe my art teacher was just trying to make us not use black but anyways...) but instead the complementary (opposite) color.  In this case it would be blue.  You'd want Bubbly to be your largest amount and slowly add in your blue because it's a strong color.  Now that I had the brown I wanted I added Vibrant to give the color a warmer tone.  Pony's Stay Fit Matte Lips in On Fleek and Exceptional also creates a nice terracotta / brunt orange shade. :)

Another favorite customized shade.  Fascinating + Sensual + Vibrant creates thee perfect MTBB fall shade.  This combo is what I've been wearing almost everyday.

 To deepen the shade Glamorous, I mixed a tiny amount of blue and yellow to make green; which is the opposite color of red.  As a result I got a blood red shade.

Overall Thoughts:
The packaging is A+++!  It's unique and overall design is great.  The pans are exposed and it may not be as sanitary, especially if you have pet hair flying all over the place.  When mixing colors it can get pretty messy.  You'll have to clean the brush and wipe down the mixing area between each use, which can be annoying to some.  But hey, it's art, art is messy. :)  There is seriously an endless amount of colors you can create because you have all of your primary colors (red,blue and yellow), white and black!  Those five colors you really need to order to create all of the other colors in between. (How can I rhyme so naturally!  Haha. jk)

The formula of these lip pans are way better than what I was expecting. They're comfortable on the lips, highly pigmented, blendable and stain the lips very well.  These lip pans have a creamy satin finish that last about 4-5 hours before fading without eating or drinking.  If you eat and drink it leaves a stain that lasts about another 4-5 hours.  The staining power is seriously amazing, it's something I wouldn't have expected from lip pans.  It's almost as if Pony melted lipsticks into these pans!

Let's break it down.  The palette hasn't been released yet so I don't know the exact price but I'm sure it's going to be somewhere around $35.  It contains 11 grams of product which means each shade is roughly 1.1 grams.  Pony's Outfit Velvet lipsticks are roughly $19 that are 3.5 grams, which is a little over 3 of these lip pans.  So, I do think you get your money worth if you buy this palette. :)

If you're interested in trying this palette you can it get at TesterKorea for $38.

The after math of all that mixing and swatching.  As you can see there's still a lot of product left over.  I think I'm going to hit pan on Sensual, Vibrant and Fascinating first.  Haha.

I hope this review was helpful!  If you've tried any Pony Effect products how do you like them and what are your favorites?  Tell me in the comments below!  Don't be a stranger! :)

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