Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Etude House Pink Bird Box - Color Flower Lesson Look At My Eyes & Pink Vital Water Essence Mini Reviews

Oh my gosh!  Can't believe this is already the fifth Etude House box!  Ah, I'm going to miss getting a pink bird box... Anyways, I'm back with an Etude House Pink Brid Box Review!  March's (oh my gosh, I'm super late with this!) box main theme was the new Look At My Eyes Color Flower Lesson collection and included the Pink Vital Water Serum and a sample skincare kit of the Toning White C collection.

Without further ado let's get into the review! :)

There are eight eyeshadows in these collection and in the box are four single shadows; PK008, PP509, BR421, and BR422.  Also within this collection there is a four eyeshadow case and an eight eyeshadow case.

Isn't the packaging of this eyeshadow case adorable!?  This palette fits four eyeshadows and they also came out with a super cute blue colored palette that fits eight shadows.  I love building my own palette!  Although they all look the same.  Haha.

Look how cute the eyeshadow colors are! ^o^

To depot these eyeshadows you can remove the sticker on the back and use a thin sharp object to push through the tiny hole to pop the eyeshadow out or you can do what I did.  Haha.  I simply used my nail to push down on the edge of the metal pot and grab hold of the other side.  It's not that hard to pull out since they're just lightly glued on to the case.  But be careful!  As you can see above ruined one of the shadows! :(

These single eyeshadows spill right into their slots with on trouble.  I don't think there is any magnetic to hold the shadows or at least a strong one.  I held it upside down for a few seconds and an eyeshadow fell out!  Thank goodness it didn't break!

And voila!  It looks sooo cuwwwwte! :3 

Eyeshadows are swatched without primer and are swatched with two layers.  Photo taken with flash.
PP509 - A super adorable matte lilac purple.  It's on the sheer side and goes on patchy. :(
PK008 - A cute matte pink.  This color is also on the sheer side and goes on a bit patchy. :(
BR422 - A brick red-brown matte!  My favorite shadow out of the four!  It's pigmented and blends easily. :)
BR421 - A satin warm yellow-brown.  Also one of my favorites, it's pigmented and blends easily. :)

All of the eyeshadows are buttery soft and creamy but PP509 and PK008 applied patchy and takes a lot of build up the color which sucks because that Lilac color is so pretty!  On the other hand BR422 and BR421 are way more pigmented, goes on super smooth and easy to blend.  These shadows does not last me a long time, roughly after 4-5 hours they start to wear off on my lids.  I think these shadows would wear a lot better if you use an eyeshadow primer.  If you're thinking about getting some of Etude House's new eyeshadows, I highly recommend getting BR422 and BR421!

Next up is the new Pink Vital Water Line.  This skincare line helps your skin regain vitality and moisture energy.

This Pink Vital Water smells like peaches!  :D  The packaging has a pink gradient and has a pump.  It has a watery texture and when you rub it into your skin it creates little water droplets!  How cool!  The texture is thin and watery.  It adsorbs into the skin quickly and leaves it feeling moisturized and smooth. :)  Really liking this serum!

A bonus item in the box is a cute Toning White C skincare set.  There is the clear toner (15ml), radiance emulsion (15ml), Double Effect Sleeping Pack(10ml) and Tone Up Cream (10ml).  The toner has a watery consistency and is best applied with a cotton pad.  The emulsion feels like every other emulsion, lotion like.  The Tone Up cream has a light watery cream consistency and same with the sleeping pack but thicker.  I am loving the cream and sleeping pack!  I noticed my skin looked a lot brighter and healthier after the first day of using it!  I might have to get the full size of those two!

Overall this box was super exciting and I enjoyed most of the products.  Have you tried any of the products mentioned above?  If so what do you think of them?  Feel free to comment down below and start a conversation with me! ^__^

All of these products can be found on the global Etude House website!  Thank you so much for reading!  ^__^  And until next time!