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[MEMEBOX] Pony Effect Favorite Lip Fluid Review & Swatches

Hello again! ^__^  I'm back with a review of Pony Effect's Favorite Lip Fluids in five different shades!  These lip fluids designed by Pony are formulated to not settle into fine lines like traditional water-type lip tints or apply blotchy like oil-type tints.  The Favorite Fluid Lip Tint features a moisture fit system that keeps both the color and shine intact for hours.

I am loving these lip tints so let's get into the details and swatches! :)

Once again, the top of the packaging is labeled with a matching color to the product with the names printed on them in English and Korean.  Which is nice since her brand is global.

Slay with the packaging.  On the back is of course Pony's Tip on how to use the product.  It reads: “For a longer lasting wear, apply the lip tint entirely on your lips and let it sit then wipe thoroughly with a tissue and reapply the tint. That way it will not easily wear off and will have your lips looking vibrant for hours. To brighten up the cheeks, try applying a small drop of tint to the apple of the cheek and quickly blend. If you apply powder over the tint, it will last even longer.”  (translation taken from

Watch Pony's official tip video on how to use these lip tints! :)

So pretty!  I can't get over the stunning packaging!

The applicator is a thin doe foot applicator with a rounded tip.  The applicator is on a slight angle which I think makes it easier to apply.

The actual product packaging has an allover mirror like effect in ROSE GOLD!  Oh my gah... I love rose gold!  If I had a makeup line I would totally make the packaging just like this!  One side of the product has Pony Effect which lets the product color peek through (so neat! >o<) and the other side has the name of the product printed in black.  When you twist open or close the product it "clicks" or locks.  Really love that touch because it makes it seem more expensive. :)

Ready for some swatches? ^__^

Arm swatch photos are taken without flash
The first image are the lip fluids just applied and the second photo is roughly three minutes later with me wiping it off with a clean cotton pad.  As you can see the darker colors leave a more vibrant tint than the lighter colors.  I don't know why but Fatal Allure and Be Agape look very similar in the photos above but they're not.  Both are reds but Be Agape has more of a purple undertone.

Time for some lip swatches!  Just a heads up, the lip swatches are taken with flash and are a shade or two darker than what they really are in the photos below.

Romantic Breath - Romantic Breath is a cool tone light pink.  It looks super flattering and natural when it's worn as a gradient lip.  This color doesn't tint the lips as good as the other shades but it leaves a nice natural peachy color on my lips.

Simon Pure - Don't be afraid of the bright neon pastel orange color!  When it's first applied it's a neon-ish peach orange but after a few seconds it adjusts to a natural gorgeous peachy pink.  This color would like great on any skin tone and is definitely one of my favorites colors.

Go Pitapat - I honestly wasn't expecting to like this color but it's super flattering on!  It's an orange (tomato) red but it doesn't make the teeth look icky at all.  I think this color would look great on neutral to warm skin tones.

 Fatal Allure - Of course we need to have a red!  Fatal Allure is a neutral red that would look flattering on all skin tones.  Out of the five colors, this shade is definitely the best shade that stains the best.  After a few hours, it leaves the same color tint!  The only difference was that a bit of the shine faded.  Kissed my hand a few times and it surprisingly did not transfer!  I have to say Fatal Allure is by far the best performing and my favorite.

Be Agape - Ah, another beautiful color.  Be Agape is a red with a bit of a plum.... I forgot, there's a color called burgundy.  Haha.  The color is intense but can easily be blended into a natural red tint.  I thought that since Be Agape is a bit darker I thought it would stain better than Fatal Allure but it's the total opposite!  I'm surprised that Be Agape doesn't stain as well as Fatal Allure.  Instead it leaves a nice red stain.  

The formula of these lip fluids are amazing!  Not saying this because I'm a fan girl but because it really is nice! :)  Haha.  It's moisturizing and comfortable on the lips but it does have a slight stickiness to it.  It was doesn't settle into the fine lines as it says, instead it sort of fills them in to make them not visible.  I find that the gloss fades after a good 3-4 hours and the satin stays on for a good amount of time.  I would call it long wearing since it last me a good 8+ hours without reapplying with a bit of color fading.  If you follow Pony's Tip the lip tints last about a good 2-3 hours longer.  If you bolt off the first layer of gloss, the lip tint barely transfers throughout the day.  Highly recommend following her tip if you want a longer wear time.

I'm loving these lip fluids and guess what!  There are more shades available!  Memebox launched a second batch of Pony Effect products yesterday!  There are 5 new shades within the Favorite Lip Fluid series!
I will be swatching these new shades soon!  I plan to do a really fun mix and match gradient lip post with these favorite lip fluids! So stay tuned! ^__^

If you've tried Pony's Favorite Lip Fluids what do you think of them or what are your favorite colors? Feel free to comment down below and start a conversation with me! 

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