Tuesday, May 31, 2016

[MEMEBOX] Pony Effect NEW Favorite Lip Fluid Shades Review & Swatches + Fun Ombre Lips!

Hello!  I'm super excited (I'm always super excited about lip products, haha) to share with you guys five NEW, I know... NEW shades from Pony Effect's Favorite Lip Fluid collection.  I received these a few days later I posted a review and swatch post of the first five shades from this lip line.  If you don't already know these lip fluids designed by Pony are formulated to not settle into fine lines like traditional water-type lip tints or apply blotchy like oil-type tints.  The Favorite Fluid Lip Tint features a moisture fit system that keeps both the color and shine intact for hours.

Watch Pony's official tip video on how to use these lip tints! :)

Okay, without further ado let's get into the review! :)

The five new shades are called; Cherish Values, My Pleasure, Lavish Praise, Due Respect and Sheer Delight.

Packaging is stunning as always.

Ready for some swatches? ^__^

Arm swatch photos are taken with flash
The first image are the lip fluids just applied and the second photo is roughly three minutes later with me wiping it off with a clean cotton pad.  Once again you can see the darker colors leave a more vibrant tint than the lighter colors.   Lavish Praise tints the lips VERY well.

Due Respect - Oh my goodness, when I first saw this shade I already knew it was going to be my favorite out of the bunch.  It's the perfect warm peachy nude I am looking for!  This shade brights my complexion and compliments it so well!  I believe this shade will flatter any skin tone!  This shade does not tint well at all but it does last a good 3-4 hours before it starts to fade.

Sheer Delight - This shade is not the color I expected it to be.  In the official swatch image on the website it's more of a browny nude and I was really liking that color but it's actually a coral pink.  I am a bit sad that it's not the color shown in the official swatch image but nonetheless the color is still very beautiful and compliments my skin well.

Cherish Values - Cherish Values is a neutral light coral pink.  It's a super cute shade and I think this will look wonderful on all skin tones.

My Pleasure - I did not think I'd like this shade as much as I do!  I think I'm really attracted to bright red-oranges!  It doesn't make your teeth look icky or anything and is a really nice pop up color for spring and summer!  I'm in love with this color!

Lavish Praise - This is definitely a statement lip color.  Lavish Praise is a really bright neon cool tone pink-purple.  I do like this color, pinky purples are my go to colors in autumn.  This shade almost instantly tints the lips.  I just finished doing all the lips swatches and saved Lavish Praise for last.  I was heading out to the mall and didn't feel like wearing bright neon lips so I bolted my lips and thought it looked okay but once I looked in the mirror at the store it was still very neon and bright!  Seriously impressed with the staining power on this one!

As said before, I love these lip fluids!  They're like a lip gloss mixed with a lip tint that isn't sticky but is moisturizing and comfortable on the lips.  The formula of these lip fluids are amazing!  It was doesn't settle into the fine lines as it says, instead it sort of fills them in to make them not visible.  I find that the gloss fades after a good 3-4 hours and the satin stays on for a good amount of time.  I would call it long wearing since it last me a good 8+ hours without reapplying with a bit of color fading.  If you follow Pony's Tip the lip tints last about a good 2-3 hours longer.  If you bolt off the first layer of gloss, the lip tint barely transfers throughout the day.  Highly recommend following her tip if you want a longer wear time.

I thought I would create different five ombre lips with all 10 shades just because I thought it would be fun to show you guys how you could mix up the colors! :)

Due Respect & Be Agape

Cherish Values & Fatal Allure 

Sheer Delight & Go Pitapat

My Pleasure & Simon Pure 

Lavish Praise & Romantic Breath

I absolutely love wearing these gradient lip combos especially wearing the lighter color on the outer part of the lips and the darker shade in the center.  Click here to view the other five lip swatches!  If you've tried these Favorite Lip Fluids how do you like them?  And what gradient lip combo do you like best!?  Don't be a stranger!  Comment down below!

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