Monday, May 2, 2016

[Memebox] Pony Effect Stay Put Eyestick Review with Swatches and Smokey Mauve Eye Makeup Tutorial (Mono Lid Friendly)!

Hello!  I am so sorry for being so late on this review!  My original plan was to post the Favorite Lip Fluids first but my keyboard and mouse froze when I was working on the lip swatches in photoshop!  The only way to fix it was to shut down my laptop and so nothing was saved.  Aigoo....  The pictures were also not up to my satisfaction so I'll be retaking those lip photos later today and hopefully get it posted tomorrow. :)

Okay, now for the actual introduction of the products I'll be reviewing all 12 shades of Pony Effect's Stay Put Eyesticks!  They're eyeshadows with a creamy gel like formula in a stick form!  I absolutely love love love Korean eyeshadow sticks because they're super pigmented and long lasting.  Out of all the eyeshadow sticks I've tried these are by far my most favorite! ^__^

Without further ado let's get into the review. :)

On the boxes there is of course a color matching label to the product at the top.

The packaging is seriously gorgeous!  On the back is of course Pony's Tip on how to use the product.  Here is a translation taken from the Memebox website:  “This creamy shadow stick does it all - blendable to be applied all over the lid, slim enough to double as a liner. You can blend with your fingertip, but I suggest using a bullet-shaped eyeshadow blending brush for a more delicate blending.”

On the side of the box it tells you what the product claims to be and what it is. 

The tops of the eyesticks of course matches the color of the product which is super convenient to find the color you want.

Pony Effect is printed on the front with gold lettering.  The letterings on these eyesticks rub off pretty quickly, as you can see one of the thunder..... oh wait it's a lighting bolt (haha) is already wearing off which makes me sad because it's so pretty.  Most of the names already disappeared too... :(

As you can see above, Pony's eyestick is a lot thinner than the average Korean eyestick.  I love that she made them smaller because you can get more precision when applying a color in your crease or outer v without making a huge mess on your lids.

 Oooooo.... the colors look sooooo pretty, they're right up my alley! *o*
Swatch photo is taken with flash and products are swatched without primer.

Cup of Joe - A matte yellow-medium brown.  I love using this shade to contour my eyes, nose, lips!  Haha. That Taeyang reference! >.< But seriously, it's the best color to contour for lighter Asian skin tones.  It's very similar to Easy Shadow from the Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam 1 palette.  I remember Pony saying that she needs to create a single shadow of Easy Shadow in one of her videos and I totally agree!  I love that eye shadow so so so much!  Glad that it's in a stick form but I'm still waiting for a single powder version!  I would buy a life time supply if she releases one!
Deep Focus - A matte brown that could also be used as a contour color. :)
Rose Dress - A matte cool tone mauve with a tint of pink.
Bumpy - A matte warm orange yellow with a brown undertone.  I actually like this color!  I wasn't expecting to like it but it's a great color to pop in the crease to warm up your eye look!
Otherwise - A shimmery mauve.  This color is very similar to Glam Espresso from the Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam 1 palette.  It's my go to color when I'm going for cool tone makeup. :)
Be Dazzling - A light shimmery bronze. 
Overthinking - A shimmery champagne.  Love using this shade to highlight.
Ducky - A super cute shimmery pink champagne perfect for creating the cute aegyo sal look.
Used To - A warm shimmery brown.
Vixen - A metallic cranberry.
Untamed - An awesome red brown with blue shimmers.  One of my favorites!  Pairing this with Bumpy in the crease and Untamed on the lids=gorgeous! ^o^
Beam Me Up - A glittery ivory.  Perfect for highlighting the inner corners and center of the lids.

Selca cut!  I posted this selca on my instagram a few days ago and it received a few compliments.  Luckily enough it was the day I created a super quick and easy smokey-ish mauve eye look with some of the stick shadows so you guys could see how they perform.  :)  Hope you enjoy the most worst explained eye tutorial ever!  Haha.  I don't know... I'm not good at explaining...  Oh yes, in case you're wondering on my lips is Lorac's Duchess matte lipstick with a bit of Valencia from SoothingSista's Eyeshadow Quad in the inner part of my lips and for circle lens I'm wearing the EOS Fay Brown.

If you're wondering how I do my eyebrows I did a tutorial using Pony Effect's Sharping Brow Pencil and Contouring Brow Color click here to view it! ^__^

The blending brush I used in the tutorial is Memebox's I'm Brush in #01 Eyeshadow blending brush.  I find that using this brush is the best way to blend out the stick shadows.  I did this tutorial before typing everything and noticed that in the translation of Pony's Tip she recommend using a bullet-shaped eyeshadow blending brush to blend and she's right!  Haha.  I've been using this brush ever since I've got it (over a year ago) non-stop, it's one of my favorite eyeshadow brushes.  Memebox NEEDS to restock this brush!

I absolutely love these eye sticks!  They're long wearing, highly pigmented, water and smudge proof.  One of the reasons why I'm raving about these eyesticks is because there are matte shades and there isn't a lot out on the market. :)  The formula is super creamy and is very easy to blend.  The shadows sets within 30 seconds so blend before it sets because it's not going anywhere!  The longevity of these eyesticks last me all day!  I don't really have oily lids (I have oily/combo skin) and I don't use eyeshadow primer.  Staying powder is simply amazing.  Highly recommend these eye sticks.

If you've tried Pony Effect Eyesticks what do you think of them and what's your favorite color?  Feel free to comment down below! ^__^

Thank you so much for reading and talk you again tomorrow with Pony's Favorite Lip Fluids. :)