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[MEMEBOX] Pony Effect Pure & Deep Lip Tint Review with Lip Swatches

Hi! ( ^o^ )  So sorry for disappearing for a while.  I am a live but not well... currently sick. :(  I'm currently attending college so I've been pretty busy and tired from all the studying and homework.  Despite all of that stuff, I finally had the time to type up this review of Pony Effect's new Pure & Deep Lip Tints. :)  I love lip tint products the most because they're long wearing and I'm the type of person who doesn't like to retouch my makeup throughout the day. :)  So without further ado, let's get into the review!

Product Description:
This jelly lip tint is so lightweight on the lips, never greasy or sticky. It goes on like hydrating serum and stains your lips in a vibrant hue that brightens up the complexion.
          - Long-lasting tint
          - Non-drying, Non-sticky
          - Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Flower Complex that hydrate and nourish the lips
Product amount: 8.5g/0.3oz

As usual, the top of the boxes are corresponding color labels that matches the product shade with the names printed in Korean and English.

Once again, here is Mr. Bunny letting us know that Pony Effect/Memebox does not test on innocent animals. :)

There are a total of 10 vibrant shades in this lip tint collection.

The packaging has a dark navy blue background with the gorgeous rose gold lettering and a thunderbolt that matches the product shade.  The one thing that does not satisfy me is that they only have the Korean name of the product printed on the back!  Why? It's hard to tell which shade I want to grab...  They have English names on all of the products so waeeeeeee?

Another small matter that I don't really like it that the cap is round so you can't stand these up.  Which isn't a big deal but I like to store my lip products vertically rather than horizontally.

Here is a close up of the product packaging.

The applicator is a normal doe foot applicator.

Photo taken in natural light with no flash.
Arm swatches!  I swear my arm was tinted for a good 3-4 days!

Photo taken in natural light with flash
Here is a closer shot of the shades.

Ready for lip swatches? ^__^

Eventful - My favorite shade out of all 10 shades!  Eventful a neutral hot pink with a tint of magenta. It's the perfect k-drama & k-pop lip color, especially if it's worn as a gradient lip.

Joyful - Another favorite.  Joyful is a deep red-ish plum with neutral undertones.  I absolutely love wearing this shade by itself as a gradient and also pairing it up with other tint colors.

Beautiful - Beautiful is a bright hot pink with a tint of blue undertones.  This would be the perfect lip color to wear on a summer night out.

Blissful - Blissful is very similar to Eventful but has a warm red tint to it.  This shade makes my teeth appear whiter and is another one of my top three favorites in this collection!

Wishful - Wishful is a bold pink similar to Beautiful but with cooler undertones.

Youthful - Youthful is a playful orange with a tint of peach.  It is also the only one with a different formula.  It's sheer and gives a "I ate a popsicle" look with one layer.  Although it's sheer, it's also build-able.

Wonderful - Wonderful is a straight up bright orange.  Not a color I would wear everyday but it's still a very pretty color nonetheless.

Delightful - Love this color!  Delightful is a beautiful rich brick red.  Definitely would make this my everyday red lip color.

Colorful - Another favorite!  Colorful is a red orange and you guys know I'm all about red oranges!  It's so pretty!

Graceful - Another red shade, similar to Colorful but it has more of a red tint.

The formula of these lip tints are similar to one of favorite lip tints of all time, Tonymoly's Liptone Get it Tint.  Both of these formulas are lightweight, non-sticky, non-drying, transfer-proof, long lasting and CRAZY pigmented.  It's everything you'd want from a lip tint.  The finish of these lip tints are glossy, but not as glossy as her Favorite Lip Tints.  I love Pony and her brand but I have to say I like Tonymoly's Liptone formula a tiny bit better, but color wise, definitely Pony Effect.  Pony's Pure & Deep Lip Tints last about a good 6-7 hours before it starts fading.  It also tints the lips very well with vibrant shades.  It took two days to take photos of the lip swatches because my cushion compact couldn't conceal the color anymore and I wanted to show you guys the product's true color since the shades are so similar to each other.  Although the color range is limited all of the shades brightens the complexion which I love very much!  Overall I highly recommend these lip tints.  They retail for $15.50 but you can use my referral link to save 20% on your first Memebox purchase! :)

I hope this review was helpful!  If you've tried any Pony Effect products how do you like them and what are your favorites?  Tell me in the comments below!  Don't be a stranger! :)

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