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[MEMEBOX] Pony Effect Unlimited Cream Shadow Review & Detailed Swatches + Eye Tutorial!

So sorry for not updating for a whole month!  BUT I updated you guys on my Instagram story so be sure to follow me there! ;)  It's been so long since I took makeup photos and blogged that I don't even know how to do it anymore. Haha. Anyways, I'm back with a new Pony Effect review!  As you guys know, I'm obsessed with Pony Effect.  Her products always amazes me and so far are the only products that I've purchased more than once!  Among her newest launches are the Unlimited Cream Shadow in which I will be reviewing today!😁

Without further ado, let's get into the review! ^o^

There are eight gorgeous shades in the Unlimited Cream Shadow series.

As printed on the box packaging, these cream shadows claim to be "creamy, glides on like a dream, and blends seamlessly.  It also sets quickly so your color is crease-free, long-lasting and resistant to sweat and water".

Once again, Mr. Bunny is there to let us know that Pony Effect does not test on adorable animals.

Oh my gosh... I can never get over her signature reflective rose gold packaging!  It's just too stunning to not talk about! The packaging is glass which gives it weight and a more luxurious touch and look.  On the center of the cap is an engravement of Pony's lighting bolt and on the back of the pot is the product's information printed on a reflective rose gold label.  Lastly, on the side of the pot, it prints "Pony Effect" in the signature rose gold.

Finally!  The shades are reveled! ( ^o^ ) /  Haha.  Within this collection are three wearable everyday mattes and five stunning shimmery/metallic shades.

*Swatches are taken without primer and are layered once.  Photo taken in natural light with flash photography.*
Here are the arm swatches!  From left to right:  High Standards, Open-minded, Heartwarming, Beloved, Future-Proof, Paparazzi, Over Imagination, X-Factor.

**Eye swatches are swatched without primer and applied with one layer.  Photo is taken in studio lighting with flash photography.**

Let's start off with the lightest shade, Open-Minded.  The consistency is thicker and less silky than the rest of the shadows, which acts great as an eyeshadow base or a primer.  This shade is a cool tone beige with a tint of grey.  When applied on my eyes, it appears as a skin tone shade with a bit of grey-ness to it.  I feel Open-Minded will look dirty/too ashy toned on medium to deeper skin tones.  I'd say this shade will work good on those with fair to light skin tones with neutral to cool undertones.  If you're a medium to deeper skin tone or have warm undertones, this shade might not be ideal for you.

Next up is Heartwarming, another matte cream shadow.  When I first saw the eye swatches of this shade on the website, I thought it was going to be similar to the shade Pony uses to contour her nose (Easy Shadow from Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam Palette 1).  Instead, Heartwarming is a gorgeous warm orangey-brown, perfect transition shade that suits all skin tones!  Although the color was not what I was expecting, it's still a beautiful color nonetheless.  The consistency of this cream shadow is silky smooth and supa creamy to the touch!

Last matte cream shadow in the collection, High Standards.  I love applying this neutral deep brown shade all over the lids, as well as using it to deepen the crease.  Although the finish is matte, when applied on the lids it looks "wet"...  It's hard to describe but I'm totally lovin' the effect!  I honestly did not think I'd like High Standards this much!  Been using this shade almost everyday along with the two matte shades above! :)

Of course there always needs to be a pink shimmery glitter shade in a new K-beauty eyeshadow launch!  Beloved is similar to Pony Effect's Eye Tint in Counting Stars but has a warmer undertone and larger glitters.  On days when I want a simple makeup look, this shade makes a beautiful all over the lid color.  The consistency of this cream shadow is a bit different from the other silky smooth cream formula in this series.  Beloved has more of a moussey cream texture.

Next shimmery shade is this gorgeous high shine light pink toned taupe, Future Proof.  It works amazing as a highlight for the center of the lids but also looks gorgeous by itself.  Along with the matte shades and Future Proof, these are the shadows I have been using as my go to eye look.

We're finally moving on to the pop up colors! ^o^ First off is this blazing red-orange metallic, Paparazzi.  Paparazzi will be perfect for summer and autumn eye looks.  I found that this shade applies very uneven on the lids with your fingers.  Using a dense eyeshadow brush will make the application a bit more even and another method to get a better and even application is wetting your finger or brush.  I also found that this shade works better with a base underneath.

Second last cream shadow is Over Imagination, a captivating metallic deep violet with pink and sliver micro glitters.  This shade is sooo gorgeous applied all over the lids!  It'll be perfect for a night out or during the winter months. :)  Really loving this shade with my dark brown eyes.

Saving best for last!  Last cream shadow in this collection is X-Factor, a dou-chrome!  I'm surprised Pony came out with something like this!  But then again, Pony Effect is like an American inspired Korean brand... I feel.  Anyways, X-Factor is a deep brown with an iridescent blue-green shift.  I absolutely love dou-chromes because they're so beautiful and looks like you put a lot of effort into your look.  I know there's A LOT of colors that are very similar to X-Factor, such as MAC's Blue-Brown pigment, Wet N Wild's Comfort Zone Palette, and more.  I prefer a pigment/pressed eyeshadow version more just because I can also use it as an eyeshadow topper.  But nonetheless, X-Factor is very gorgeous!

I think I'm going to get lots of wrinkles later in life from these eye swatches.  LOL, but it's all good!  You could tell as the swatches come to an end, my false lashes starts to look really messy and ratchet. >o< 

Overall Thoughts:
The cream shadows are super creamy, blend easily and are super pigmented.  A little goes a long way with these creams, especially with the darker shades.  Just like the Eye Tints, these claim to be long lasting.  My eye lids aren't too oily nor are they too dry, the wear power of these on my lids without any primer lasted about 5-6 hours before I saw some color fading and creasing.  My definition of long lasting is 8+ hours so I wouldn't say that it has long lasting formula.  I have one mono-lid and one double-lid, I noticed that the mono-lid had no creasing and less color fading for some reason...  If you have mono-lids or drier lids, I think you'll really like these shadows. ^o^

As said before, these creams are CRAZY pigmented.  You only need to dip your finger or brush once or twice and that's all you need.  The shadows also set pretty quickly so, be sure to have that blending brush in sight before it sets!  Oh yes, the formula is also very build-able, so it's easy to achieve the shade's full color in case you've blended the color away too much.  Just wait for it to dry before you apply a second layer or else it won't layer well.

All in all, these creams shadows are a hit for me.  Although they aren't long lasting, I have been using these cream shadows non-stop.  My go to shades are Open-Minded, Heartwarming, High Standards and Future Proof.  If you're planning to try out these Unlimited Cream Shadows from Pony Effect, I highly recommend getting those four listed above. :)

Because I was gone for so long, I decided to make a quick eye makeup tutorial using five of the cream shadows.  Hope you enjoy! ^__^

I was going to show you guys my go to eye-look with these shadows, but I thought it was too natural so I went with something different.

I hope this review was helpful!  If you've tried any Pony Effect products how do you like them and what are your favorites?  Tell me in the comments below!  Don't be a stranger! :)


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